Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Grapevine Mills Fun with friends...

For some Christmas-ey fun we planned a day at Grapevine Mills Mall with some of our favorite people. We went with my bestie Sarah and her 3 boys. We had so much fun playing the day away. I had not been to that mall in a really long time, and was so impressed with all the fun things they had to do for kiddos. I think we may of decided to make this an annual Christmas tradition to do over their break from school!

For our brave little ones there was this bungee trampoline. They could jump on it and soar up in the air at least 20 feet. What kiddo wouldn't love this!!!
Since Clayton was the oldest (and bravest) he went first. He almost even figured out how to do a flip in the air too.
Next was sweet Drew's turn. Not too shabby for a 3 year old!
He was so cute as he was jumping...say "I superman"!
Next was my Mag's turn. Getting all safe and secured up in her harness.
All smiles and ready to go!!!
Here she goes...
So high, in the sky!!!
Towards the end of her 5 minute jump she started "freestyling" and these were (as she put it) cheerleader moves! Ha! Love that girl.
Precious Maggie Caroline...4 years old!
Woohoo! This was a great $10 investment of FUN!
Precious sweet pals, Clayton and Maggie!!!
All 5 kiddos in one spot...not a one of them looking...but at least in one spot. *If you are the mother of more than one child...you know the difficulty of this situation. HA!
A little ride for my littlest girl...Sadie!
Loving the ride...
While we were there we got to ride the carousel too. Such a sweet classic ride!
Round and round we go!
My darling Sarah and her littlest Owen!
The next adventure was a CrAzY one! It was called "bauble-ball". There were these enormous life size beach balls that you could get inside.

Then the workers would air it up with a huge compressor and hose.
Then there was a big shallow pool in the middle of the mall for the balls to roll around in.
And then they turned you loose.
It was kind of like a "hamster in ball" concept.
Maggie loved it and was so exhausted when she came out.
The kids would try and roll into each other.
Maggie IN a ball!!!
All done and climbing out! This place was really neat. Unlike anything I had ever seen.

LOVE spending time with friends! It was a day of play, for sure!

Love to all,

2011 Christmas with the Flynt's...

After celebrating at my Nana & Pawpaw's house, we always stay the night over at my parents house...and have Christmas the next morning with my parents, brothers and wives and nieces and nephews. I love our time together that day. We have a big, yummy breakfast together, open gifts, eat lunch and spend the day together playing games and talking. I absolutely cherish our time together as a family, and praise God for the family he has given me.
Every body gathered in my parents living room, about to open gifts! Yay!
My hot-Todd-ey...love my man!
My brother Jason and wife Lindsay...
Maggie and her cousin Macy...
My niece Morgan and nephew Joshua...
We all chipped in together and got my Dad a new set of binoculars. The ones he had were older than my oldest brother. Ha!!! 
Gigi opening her gifts...with a little help from Maggie.
Justin's turn to open gifts. We open one at a time, starting with the oldest down to the youngest. Never pass on an opportunity to teach your kids patience, right?!?
Todd's turn...all the boys got some nifty new magnetic, super bright flashlight. Boys and their toys....HA!
Morgan was so excited about her "fancy" duct tape. It is a new fad...crazy, huh? The kids these days design crazy objects out of colorful duct tape. I have seen bags, flip flops, wallets, phone cases, folders...etc made from it.
Macy's turn...crazy about make up and nail polish!
All the boys got new tractors from Gigi and Papa!!!! Score!!!!
And Jerod got tools...like father like son, for sure!!! All the men in my family are super handy!
Jackson got new remote control helicopters.
This excited face of Joshua's is so CUTE!!! He was super thrilled about every single present he opened.
Mags got a new McDonald's cash register set. So much fun!!!
My Sadie got some new sound/shape/color toys from Aunt Lissa and Uncle JD. She was having so much fun with it!
Maggie loved her new ponies too!

This was #2 Christmas out of 4. More pics to follow soon. What a wonderful, blessed time together! Thank you Mom and Dad for hosting all of us.

Love to all,

Monday, December 26, 2011

2011 Christmas at Nana & PawPaw's...

Every year we gather together to celebrate Christmas with my Mom's side of the family. It is by far the most unique of gatherings for our Christmas celebrating. My Nana & Papaw always make our time at their house memorable. We celebrate with a theme...decorations, a program, theme-y food and dress and games galore. In years past, we have had an "old prairie" Christmas, a "Cruise ship" Christmas, Chinese, Mexican and Cajun Christmas...just to name a few. This year was as great as years past. I love the time with my family!
My little family of 4...
Nana & Maggie...playing a game of ball.
My Mom, niece Morgan and sis in law Melissa...
My oldest brother Justin and Pawpaw...
My parents and their 7 grandkids...what a precious crew!!!
My original family of 5...turned into 15!!!
My beautiful cousins...Hilary & Karis.
My brother Jason and Uncle Tom.
My Aunt Diana and cousin Tammy.
All the gang gathered in the kitchen. We had 27 there to celebrate!
We always have a birthday cake for Jesus and the kids blow out the candle.
My Mom makes the best homeade birthday cakes! Yumm!
All the kiddos surrounding Nana...playing a balloon blow up game.
A little Karoke from 17 month old Sadie. Ha!
All listening to Pawpaw read the Christmas story from the Bible.
Nana setting up an indoor bowling game.
More games...
And time for presents. Maggie loves her Barbie!
And Sadie got a new baby doll, and was sooooo excited about it. Love this sweet little grin!

This was #1 of celebrations for us....with 3 more to follow.

Love to all,