Sunday, March 28, 2010

Let the nesting begin...

Hello blog-o-sphere! Long time no see!

One could say the "nesting bug" has bitten me. It is truly amazing how when you are pregnant, you get this inner drive, energy burst, manic motivation, whatever you want to call get things done! Poor Todd has been so patient with me, as I have been "project" ing him to death. We finally had a day today, Sunday...with no project at hand. He was quite relieved, and got some well deserved rest.

In the last 2 weeks, I/we have cleaned out 4 closets, cleaned out my kitchen drawers, made kitchen curtains (with help from my Mom and Nana), hung living room curtains, painted two rooms, made Sadie's crib bedding/curtain (again with help from Mom and Nana), set up/decorated Maggie's big girl room and transitioned Maggie to her big girl bed...whew! I love it. I love getting everything ready and in order for life to change when our Sadie arrives.

Now I am going to concentrate on working solely on Sadie's nursery. I can't wait to start washing all her tiny little clothes, blankies and burpies and putting them away. It is gonna be so fun to get out all of our baby stuff too...swings, toys, car seat...all the essentials.I know it is still 12-13 weeks away until Sadie will be born. But I want to be ready, and rest and relax those last few weeks.

Maggie made her transition to her big girl room quite seamlessly. We are very proud of her. The biggest accomplishment was that she left her beloved paci's behind in her crib. Yes, I know. It was a bit extreme that she was 2.5 years old and still taking a paci, but it just wasn't a big deal to us. It was the last "baby" thing for her, and we were all 3 clinging to it. Todd and I both think paci's are pretty cute. She would only take it during naps and at night. Our rule was that the paci had to stay in the crib. When we started to begin work on her big girl room, we started talking about that big girls didn't take paci's, and that big girls slept in a big girl bed. The paci's needed to stay in the crib for baby Sadie, since babies took paci's. Okay, you get the picture. Mag only asked about her paci's once or twice, but never fussed or cried for it, like we thought she would.

So far she is sleeping well in her new bed. She has been up a little earlier than normal, and napping about 30 minutes less than normal. But overall, the transition has gone great. She hasn't gotten up or out of the bed either, she waits for us to come and get her up.

I am hoping to get my camera back(wow Camera repair is costly $$$) from NIKON sometime this week...yay!!! So hopefully, I can share some pics of my new curtains, Mag's new room and the early stages of Sadie's room...if you are interested????

Hope everyone has had a good weekend. Happy "Holy" Week. We are looking forward to celebrating our RISEN Savior this next Sunday.

Jesus is our reason for this Easter season!

Love to all,

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Loads of animal fun!!!

Just some fun with our girl at dinner time! She is quite the animal lover, and does some pretty good impersonations...if I don't say so myself!

Enjoy & Luuubbbe (that is love) to all!

P.S The donkey is our favorite!

Monday, March 8, 2010

A big day in the life of a GIRL...

This last Friday, March 5th marked a big day in our girls life. She got her very first haircut!

We had waited long enough (2 years 9 months and 5 days to be exact---ha), and our sweet girls hair was slowly growing into a "mullet". You know...short on the sides and super long in the back? I could not believe how sentimental I was about her hair. I had been dreading the day that we would have to cut that precious, fine hair that had been on her head since birth. Ugh, it gave me a tummy ache just thinking about it. None the less, you know its time to bite the bullet when the daddy is the one speaking up and saying..."her hair is a ratty mess. She needs a haircut!"

Turns out I did not have to experience this painful (what a drama queen I am being about this one) day alone. My precious friend Sarah, was feeling the same way about her son, Drew. He had the most beautiful and sweet blonde curls growing, and was just sick about having to cut them...but once again the daddy & granddaddy spoke up and said..."ummm...those need to go!" So we did it together, and the heartache didn't seem to be so bad...going through it on the same day with your friend.

I decided the little girl salon in Southlake called Sweet & Sassy was a fun place to get the haircut. Maggie did sooooooo well, and actually enjoyed the process. No major tears were shed by either of us.

Honestly, you may not even be able to tell from the pics that Mag had much of her hair cut, but I promise they cut off 1.5 inches....and that was plenty enough for this momma. It really helped even the sides and the back out a bit and made it look healthier and more shaped. I am sure before summer gets here we will go back for another inch or dare I say, 2!
Our sweet and sassy girl in front of the salon Sweet & Sassy!
One last look at those precious curls!
Getting all sprayed down for the cut.
Oh, be still my heart....there it goes. The first cut!
Sniffle, sniffle!
The final outcome...looks thicker already, right?
Her first professional for her baby book for sure!
Complete with glitter hairspray (no joke), a pink glitter star on her face and a free sucker!
Her sweet stylist Tiffany!
Her certificate, complimentary picture and baggie of curls!

What a blessing and joy to have such a happy, healthy and precious daughter!

We love you so much Mag and enjoy celebrating all of life's little milestones (even this small one) with you!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Polka Dots!!!

Seriously...could polka ANY cuter???

Once of the fun joys of having a girl!!!

Love to all,

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fun to share...our baby girls name!!!

I thought since it has been almost 3 weeks since my last post, I would go ahead and share our name that we have selected for our precious baby girl.

Our sweet baby girl is gonna be named Sadie Rose Hunt!

It took us about a 1/2 second to decide on her name. The name Sadie has been a favorite of ours for years. In fact, it was our "back up" name when we had Maggie...just in case she came out not looking like a Mag.

I love cheerful, girlie and slightly southern names...and we think Sadie fits all of those perfectly. We chose Rose because it is a little old fashioned and timeless!

Our baby girl is growing by the second, I swear! She is such a busy little thing, too. She moves all day long! I am almost 24 weeks pregnant. This is a reassuring week to me (its the NICU nurse in me), because 24 weeks is the earliest viable gestational age...heaven forbid...I had pre-term labor. It is pretty crazy to be 24 weeks pregnant, and then go to work and take care of a 24 weeker in the NICU.

Praise the Lord for a healthy and strong pregnancy so far, and NO signs of any pre-term labor.

We are going to be starting the process of moving Maggie to a big girl room, and preparing Sadie's new room in the next few weeks. It is so much fun! I love this part of pregnancy...all the getting ready stuff.

Love to all,