Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Maggie 3 year old picture proofs!!!

Hello Family & Friends....

Just wanted to share that we recently had Maggie's 3 year old pictures taken by my friend and professional photographer Janice. She has online proof viewing and I wanted to share them with you. Janice has been taking Mag's pics since she was 6 weeks old. She is such a doll, and really captures those precious moments and smiles in time...that you want to hold on to F-O-R-ever!

Her website is www.jjbarrettphotography.com, click enter site, then go to the bottom of the page to proofing and type in the password Maggie. Enjoy!

Love to all & I pray you all are having a blessed week!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hop-scotch with Daddy!

We have been loving our warm weather! In the evenings, after Todd gets home we love to go outside for some family time. Maggie has a new favorite thing to do...Hop-scotch! Well, okay it is a toddler 2 almost 3ish version of Hop-scotch. Either way, its pretty cute, and we have laughed watching her try so hard to hop on one leg.

I shot the video holding the camera the wrong way...blame it on pregnancy brain...but the video was just too cute not to share! I apologize in advance for any neck soreness or stiffness watching this video sideways may cause!

Love to all,


New hockey fan...

We recently discovered our sweet new kitten..."Charlie"...yes, we decided on a different name than previously blogged about, is a FAN of hockey. Wait until you hear how cute Maggie says..."Chaaarrr-weee" for his name!

It has been really fun for the entire family to have Charlie around. He is so fun to watch and interact with. It has been many, many years for both Todd and I since we have been around a kitten. His daily life is pretty much....play, play, play, nap, nap, nap, EAT! He is a great blend of snuggly and playful.

Todd shot this video of him while watching the Stanley Cup hockey games!

Good times, hope it makes you smile!

P.S It's the small things in life....right?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weekend in the country...

This last weekend we went to the country to celebrate Mother's day and a birthday. When I say the country....I mean Decatur. I joke around and say the "country" only because I have been a city dweller for the last 7 years. Ha! I grew up country and am glad for my county experience and upbringing, and glad that my parents and siblings all still live the country life. It is wonderful to visit. But for me...I love neighbors and neighborhoods, street noise & street lights, having/keeping a clean car (no dirt roads) and conveniences like having a 7-11, McD's and my fave Hobby-Lobby all within a mile of my house!

My parents have a really beautiful place with lots of acreage, cows/horses, a pond and some seriously beautiful and mature trees. Their yard is really peaceful and enjoyable to hang out in. That is exactly what we did for the evening. We (19 family members) cooked out and just enjoyed some quality time for the evening. The kids (the 6 cousins) rode go-carts, played hide and seek, at cake and played. Maggie loves being with her cousins, and they are all sooooo sweet to take care of her and include her even though she is the youngest.

It was Mother's day weekend as well as my sister-in-law Melissa's birthday. It was a really fun night, and some of the best quality family time we have all had in a while.

Family is one of God's greatest blessings, if you ask me.

Enjoy some pics from the night...blessings and love to all!
My 2 big brothers...2 cutie pies for sure!
My precious daddy...cooking us up some grub! Yumm-o, the best burger I have had lately!
My sweet Nana & Pawpaw...love them dearly.
The 2 gals we were celebrating...Mom and my sis-in-law Melissa.
Family pic...Todd, Leah & Maggie
Adorable nephews....Jerod, Joshua & Jackson...3 of Mags 6 cousins from my side of the family.
The nieces & Mag...Morgan, Maggie and Macy. Hope they will always be close!
Can you believe this??? Do I have the coolest Nana or what? My 78 year old grandmother taking Mag for a casual stroll in the GO CART! HA! Never a dull moment. Thanks Nana for making another fun memory with my girl.
Crazy Jason, teaching the little ones how to "pop a wheelie"...ha!
My precious parents...love you Mom & Dad!

Some of the boys....out on the go cart!

P.S A fun video of our sweet new kitty, preggo and Maggie professional pics, Maggie's big girl room and Sadie's nursery pics ALL to come soon...in the next few weeks! Yay! Can't wait to share.

P.P.S Guess who only has about 40ish days left to cook???? Sadie Rose we can't wait to meet you!