Saturday, August 22, 2009

Is she too young.....?

For make-up, that is???? I will let you be the judge of it, from these pics below!

Haha, just for fun...I bought Maggie this little makeup set at the Dollar Store...aka the"DG"...for you guessed it a $1.00! She is always so excited when I put on my make up and asks nearly everytime for me to put it on her or to let her hold it or put it on. What a girlie girl!

This was the outcome of her doing it all by herself! Love it, love it, love it!

She had a ball, though. She played with it for about 20 minutes!

What a MeSs....but a cute MeSs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blue eyeshadow, works for lipstick, too. Did you know that????

Hmmmm, make up doesn't TaStE, so good.

The final look, taaadaaaaa! :)

Fire Station Fun...

This last week Maggie and I and a few other friends...went for a special trip to see our favorite big brother, Justin! We had a really fun time. My friend Sarah and her 2 boys, and my friend Julie and her husband and 2 kids also came. The boys really had a fun time seeing the big firetrucks and all the firefighting gear. Maggie had fun seeing her pals and her Uncle J.D!

Thank you Justin for such a memorable and special tour! You are the best!

Maggie ready to drive...the 96 ft, long ladder truck...ha!

Maggie and her Uncle you Justin!

All smiles!

Me and Mag !

The group...this was the best one we could Drew, Sterling, Clayton and Maggie...sweet Rowen was in her momma's arms...we couldn't get one with all of them in it.
Oh the joys of pictures and many small children!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

River trip...

A few weeks ago, Todd and I got to go with our very special friends on an end of summer river trip. We had an absolute blast! We spent 3 nights and 4 days in New Braunfels, Texas for some R & R, games, dining out and river floating. We went with our pals The Carpenter's, The Brewer's and The Kraftsons. We love all of them dearly and praise the Lord for their friendships!

While we were there we also got to celebrate my friend Sarah's 30th birthday. She is truly 30 and fabulous!

Below are some pics from our trip. Hope you enjoy them!

P.S I am sorry to have been a lazy blogger lately. We have been so busy this summer, that it has just seemed to keep falling lower and lower on my to do list! I really enjoy doing I vow to try harder to stay current with it, in the near future!

Love to all,

Visiting Gruene, Tx...this is the oldest dance hall in Texas.

The group...The Brewer's, The Kraftson's and The Carpenter's...and us.

The girls...Abbey, Sarah, Leah and Holli at the Gruene General Store.

The girls again...Leah, Sarah, Abbey and Holli.

The birthday girl...sweet Sarah!

Love "couple" pics!
Playing some games at the condo one night!
The guys....pre-river!

The girls pre river!

Floating our cares away!

My Todd in a tube! :)