Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fingerpainting first...

Well, we ventured into the art of finger painting on Monday morning after breakfast. Maggie had a blast. The paints were a present from her 2nd birthday (thanks Julie)! I had been putting it off for a few weeks...for fear of the mess. It really wasn't too bad after all...a bath and change of clothes did the trick. Well actually, the trick was WASHABLE finger paints! I love Crayola's washable line! The painting session lasted almost 20 minutes...which is amazing for any 2 year old. It was really a fun time, and we will be doing it again soon, I am sure!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy pics from our little Picasso!!!!!

Just getting started...Maggie called the paint soap at first...I guess it looked liked it as I squeezed it out of the tubes...kids say the darnedest things, sometimes!

Painting with 2 fingers...

Trying to clean herself up...check out the paint in her hair! Ha!

Whoa...she can't believe her eyes! Love the paint on her face and clothes!

Maggie's final masterpieces!!!!
Our sweet girl is at such a fun age. She is so busy trying to figure out her world and loves to try new things! Thank you Lord, for giving me the blessing of being Maggie's mommy!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!!

Happy Anniversary, to us! Todd and I just celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. It really does seem like just yesterday that we got married. Time REALLY does just fly by, when you are having fun!

We got to go and have a romantic, kid free weekend away at the Four Season's Hotel in Las Colinas. Our great friends, the Carpenter's, had their anniversary just 3 days before ours...so we decided to celebrate together. It was perfect! On Friday, the boys played all the golf they could play, and us girls got some much needed pampering at the spa with pedicures and a massage.

Friday night we went out for dinner to a really great place called Cool River. Our other great friends, the Brewers and the Kraftsons came out to dinner with us. It was so nice to have great food, fellowship and fun! We treasure our friends so much!!!!!

Saturday, was a wonderful day just spent sleeping in, eating a huge breakfast and laying by the pool all day. Hard gig, right!!!! Oh, you should all try to get some precious time away with your loved one like this! It was so great for our marriage!

Enjoy some pics from our weekend! Thank you my hot-Toddie for these last 6 wonderful years! I love you with all of my heart and look forward to MANY more together!

Four Seasons Las Colinas

Our villa...so nice! We highly recommend this place!

Our view from our back patio

Todd on the golf course...

Sarah and I at the spa...all smiles!

Me, Sarah, Abbey and Holli at Cool River!

The entire gang after dinner...

Todd and I on Saturday.

Our yumm-o anniversary chocolate...compliments of the hotel...it is the small things sometimes...you know! The center strip chocolate actually said "Happy Anniversary" on it!

Sarah and Wade...it was their 9th anniversary!

Todd and I...we were loving that pool!

Thanks for catching up with us!

Have a blessed week!
Love to all,

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A few of Maggie's favorite things...

You could say, that these are a few of Maggie's favorite things!

Swimming with Mommy!

Riding her tri-cycle outside!

Blowing bubbles and sidewalk chalk...she LOVES bubbles!

And cupcakes....ahhh, a girl after my own heart!!!!
Hope everyone has a blessed week!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Sister has her sun-shades on!!!!

Heading to the pool....Maggie loves to wear her sunglasses!
Pretty cute, huh?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer FUN!!!

Oh, how we LLLLLOOOOVVVVVEEEEE summertime!

We have been thoroughly enjoying all of this warm and sunny weather. We have been swimming several times, playing at the park/playground, cooking/baking together, playing outside in the sprinklers, blowing bubbles, playing with cousins, having summery treats like Sunkist and cupcakes and watering the flowers. I feel so thankful and blessed to be able to be a stay at home mom, so we can enjoy all of this quality time together outside! It truly is a blessing, to me!

Enjoy some random pics from the last week!

Love to all!

Cutie pie in her apron, helping in the kitchen!

Swimming in the pool!

Fun with cousins at GiGi's house...there was sprinklers, cupcakes, mud and water balloons, what fun!

I just love that "cupcake icing" face and wind blown hair!

Tasting her first Sunkist soda...she loved it!

Check out those orange lips! What a delicious little girl!!!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Long time, no post...

Long time, NO post...because we have been so busy! Busy being sick, having company and celebrating 2 birthdays! Whewwww!

These last 2 weeks have been full, for sure. Maggie came down with a random and pitiful little sickness. She had the "hand, foot & mouth" viral illness for about a week. She ran fever for 3 days, and had the worst mouth ulcers I (a nurse) have ever seen. She must of had 50 in her tiny little mouth. She did not want to eat for about 3 days and had very disrupted sleep for about 3 days, too. Needless to say we all 3 got a bit run down...and sick too. Todd and I both ended up with stuffy noses, sore throats and hoarse voices. Then to top it all off...we had Hannah, Todd's little sister in town for a week long visit. You guessed it...she got sick too. Poor gal! She had it the worst, with a fever of 101 and huge, swollen tonsils. She ended up on 2 antibiotics to kick it!

Thankfully Hannah was feeling better in just a few days, and we could still make her visit fun. We ate out, slept late, saw a few movies, went to Sam Moon and did some shopping! She is such a wonderful gal (and a big help) and we love spending time with her. It is an annual thing for her to come and stay with us for a week in the summer. She is a precious part of our family. Maggie is crazy about her Aunt Hannah and still (even this morning) when she wakes up asks "where did Aunt Hannah go"?

Now on to the best part...Birthday celebrating! I turned 30 on the 29th and then Maggie turned 2 on the 30th! We had a super fun weekend of celebrating. Todd took me out for a night on the town for dinner, drinks and dancing! What a guy! It was fun, romantic and memorable. Thanks baby for a great 3oth birthday! I love You!

I had to include some pictures of my birthday flowers that Todd got me. They are by far, the most BeAuTiFuL lilies (my fave flower) that I have ever seen!!!!! The blooms are bigger than my hand! Their fragrance fills our house and there are still blooms that haven't even opened, yet. Aren't they gorgeous?

Now, on to celebrating my girls sweet #2! We ended up having a get together her at our house with family and our closest friends. We had 39 people here to celebrate with us. Thanks so much friends and family who came. You are so near and dear to our hearts and our little family! Participating in the celebration of Maggie's second year of life means so much to us! Love to all!

We had hot dogs, dips, cake/ice cream....a bounce house, bubbles, balloons and water guns....these are a few of my girls FaVoRiTe things....anyone else get that Sound of Music song (favorite things) in their head, too?

Maggie loves people. She is our little social gal. She really enjoyed the party and seeing all of the people who are MOST precious to her, all in one place! Enjoy the pics from her day!

Take care, and we hope everyone has a blessed week!