Monday, June 28, 2010

40 Weeks..its Sadie's due date!

Today is the day...our sweet Sadie's birthday! I am officially 40 weeks and 1 day pregnant. As I type I am already at the hospital checked in with labor induction in process. We are all three doing great and big sister Maggie is enjoying some time with her cousins Lincoln and Lucy, having a sleep over at Uncle Clay and Aunt Jenny's house.

I just received my number 2 dose of the cervical ripening medicine Cytotech. Things are moving along well. I am contracting anywhere from 1-5 minutes, but not in a super regular pattern yet. Not feeling too uncomfortable, or sleepy either. Wishing I was around 4:30 am. I am just too excited for sleep. The plan is to see our doc in the am around 7-8, break my water and start the pitocin. Then hopefully, it wont take too long from then to hold my baby girl.

The hospital is really nice, and I have a super sweet nurse tonight. Praise the Lord for all the good things going on.

What a miracle and precious design that God be be pregnant and to deliver a precious brand new life. I can hardly wait!

Love to all,

P.S Updates and pics to available!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Take me out to the ballpark...!

Take me out to the softball field, that is...for Todd's new church league team. We had the pleasure of watching Todd and several of his buddies play some good old fashioned softball this Friday night. We had alot of fun! The team was pretty good, the fellowship was great and it was fun doing something new. Todd is super excited about the season. He says that baseball and softball where his "thing" in his younger years, and is enjoying the return to such a sport. He was actually really good too, if I can brag a bit on my hubby.

Praise the Lord for no injuries, too! Maybe next game we will have a victory....!

My Hot-Toddy playing left field...

A group shot after the game...they were missing a few players...but I wanted to get a group shot this week since it may be a few weeks before I am there to take another picture. Sadie is coming in just 3-4 short days!

Daddy got a RBI...woohooo!

Love to all and have a good weekend!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day 2010!

Happy Father's Day to an amazing man! Thank you Todd for being such a Godly, loving and patient daddy to our girl...soon to be girl'S (only 8 more days until Sadie arrives) !!!!!

We love you very much and appreciate all that you do to support our family! Our girls are blessed to have you and so am I!

Two peas in a pod...Maggie sure loves her daddy!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Only 2 more weeks!!!!

Sweet Sadie Rose...we get to meet you in less than 2 weeks!

I am currently 38 weeks and 1 day pregnant. I had a doctors appointment yesterday and everything is looking great. Praise the Lord! Unfortunately, no real signs of labor happening anytime soon. No dilation or effacement, and absolutely no contractions. This was the same story with Maggie's pregnancy, too. Except we went 8 days past our due date before inducing. It seems my body is just not one that likes to go into labor on its own.

Like mother, like daughter...for sure. My mom was induced as well with all 3 of us. My doctor as well as myself feel pretty certain that we will make it to our induction date, which is Sadie's due date of Monday June 28th.

I am honestly pretty excited about an induction. I had a great experience with it with Maggie. Anyone who knows me, knows I am not a huge fan of surprises either. So a calm, planned, predictable induction where I can have all my plans made, bags packed and ducks in a row...sounds perfect to me!

We would so appreciate any and all prayers for our upcoming labor and delivery. Specifically, that sweet Sadie will be strong and healthy. We have no fear that she will be my 36 week appointment she measured 6 lbs. 12 oz. Babies gain anywhere from 8 oz to 1 pound per week of pregnancy in the last you do the math. We are expecting her to be a solid 8.5 to 9.5 pounder! Good thing I love chunky babies!!!! Ha!

Love to all and have a blessed week!

38 weeks!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Maggie!

This last weekend was a full birthday weekend at the Hunt house! Maggie and I's birthday is 1 day apart...mine on the 29th and hers on the 30th. We celebrated Maggie's 3rd birthday with a low key evening of grilling out and a bounce house. She was really into her birthday this year, more than the last 2 years. She was super excited about every detail...the cake, the balloons, her friends coming and of course the presents!

We had a really good time and count ourselves so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends to join our little family in celebrating our precious girls 3rd year!

A picture recap from the day...below!

Love to all,
The cakes and the grub...thanks to Gigi for making 2 cakes this year...a white and a chocolate for both Maggie and I. Baking is definitely one of her love languages....:) We had a kitty themed birthday this year. We let Maggie pick it out. She is quite into kitty's this year with our most recent 4 legged adoption of Charlie. He is getting bigger everyday....already 13 weeks old.
Our little family of 3.5....sweet baby Sadie is 36 weeks big here!
Princess bounce house....big hit with all the kiddos. They bounced until they couldn't bounce anymore!
Happy Birthday, Maggie!
A quick pic of some of the cousins...Faith, Maggie, Morgan...Jerod, Davis and Joshua (ages 11-3)
Some family and friends...Craig, Luke, Brent, Tim and Mandy.
More sweet friends...Holly & Melissa.
Wow-ee...all this for Maggie. She is one loved little gal!
Mom, Nana and Pawpaw...

Sweet little Joshua (5) giving rides in Mag's jeep for those kiddos...too young to drive, Ha!
Cousins jumping in the bounce house...
The two birthday girls!
Kiddos table...Maggie sure has some sweet pals!
By far the best moment of the party! Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you....happy birthday dear Maggie....happy birthday to YOU! I loved seeing all the most precious people in our lives surrounding our Maggie and loving on her through song!
Big smile....full of excitement!
Enjoying her cake!
Present time....with all the little helpers!

At the end of the party, the girls decided to play dress up. We had a flock of princesses running around! It was pretty cute.

Maggie wearing one of her new princess dress up outfits!

Happy birthday my dear sweet Maggie! It is such a joy to be your mommy. I love you so much and thank the Lord daily for your precious life!

Sadie's sassy nursery!

Here is Sadie's sassy nursery! We did not intend for it to turn out sassy, but it somehow did. We wanted to do something bright and different than Maggie's nursery. I loved these two colors of hot pink and green apple. I bought all the fabric at Cutting Corners. My Mom, Nana and myself sewed all the bedding in a day. I purchased almost all of the zebra decor at Hobby Lobby----50% off! Woohoo! I got her name letters off of ebay, from a seller called "The Alphabet Boutique". I made the decorative layered cross, myself, but stole the idea off of ebay. The bow holder came from a lady that makes them for "Kid to Kid". She will do custom colors. Her lamp is just a simple white shade...bling-ed up with some fancy trim and my hot glue gun from Hobby Lobby.

It was so much fun to create and decorate!

I am really excited about how it turned out and can hardly wait for my sweet (and hopefully not sassy) Sadie Rose to rest her sweet head in her crib. 3.5 more weeks or 25 days if your counting!!!!!

Love to all,

Maggie's big girl room!

Just wanted to share some fun pictures from Maggie's completed "big girl room". It was such a joy to do. She was really excited about it and has done really well transitioning from her nursery to it.

We got her bedding online from a website called I have been so pleased with the quality. I have been collecting pink/brown decor for a few months now, but purchased almost all of it from good old Hobby Lobby or Canton. I re-purposed all of her wood stuff...picture frames and name letters...with some kilz and spray paint. They had previously been chocolate brown. I made her bow holder and bought an unfinished rocker and stool and spray painted them to match. The dresser is a family antique that has passed through a few generations. I changed the knobs to pink. I bought the lamp shade, night lite and switch plate cover off of etsy for a bargain.

I think it turned out to be a "sweet" girlie room, and hope Mag's love it for a few years.

I will share some "sassy pics" from Sadie's nursery next.

Blessings and love to all,