Monday, November 14, 2011

Meet Jack....

So, to follow up from my last post about loosing our sweet daschund Buddy...I would like to introduce you to Jack, the Morkie. Born into our family on Friday November 4th (actual birthday June 8th, 2011). He is a 5 month old, 7 pound, Maltese-Yorkie mix. We bought him from a nice breeder who lives out in Blossom, Texas...far East Texas. We had decided on a small, fluffy style of dog for their hypoallergenic-ness. He doesn't shed, and has relatively no dander either. Also, we picked a breed that seems to have a long average life span.

He has a sweet, mellow and timid personality. But we have really seen him blossom this week, some. Maggie has taught him to play fetch and he has decided the cats are great play mates. They love to chase each other. We are still working towards full potty training. But thankfully his "accidents" are tiny just like him. 

You can see from the pics that he has a mix of a silky and wirey coat. He has big brown eyes, and a cute little mini docked tail. His face is his cutest asset by far. He has darling messy hair, and floppy ears...and will tilt his little head when you talk to him. So cute!!! He likes to snuggle and be held. We have had fun (being a house full of girls) putting bows in his hair, and buying him some cute doggy sweaters.
Can't you just tell he is a sweet little thing...

Loving the warm sun...

His little face is so darn cute! Love his floppy ears.
One with out a bow...just so you know we do realize he is a boy! HA!

We look forward to many good years with this little guy. We are thankful to have another little companion to love!

Love to all,

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our Buddy...

If your not a pet lover, you don't have to read on. But if you love animals...this is a tiny tribute to our little daschund Buddy.

Two weeks ago, on Tuesday October 25th our sweet daschund Buddy died. He was a precious little addition to our family. We rescued him from the pound in 2007, after his previous owners had moved and left him for dead in their back yard. He was skin and bones, wormey and mistreated when we adopted him. He lived 4 good years with us, and died a happy, fat and loved doggy.

Some of our favorite things about Buddy was how snuggley he was. If you were sitting on the floor or the couch, he wanted to be with you there. He fit perfectly in the crook of your knees when laying down. He loved to burrow himself under blankets, too. In fact, he had a blankie that he slept under every night in the crate. He was playful, a lover and crazy about Maggie and I. He had a small body, but a big heart. His brown eyes melted my heart. I often called him my little shadow, because wherever I was...he followed.

We don't know why or what caused his death. He had been throwing up from time to time (maybe once a day) for a few weeks. He still ate twice a day, drank and pottied normal. So I wasn't too worried, every dog I have ever had threw up from time to time. But over the weekend, before he died we noticed that he had lost his "pep-in-his-step". He seemed to be sleeping a little more, and didn't have as much energy. On Monday night late, I noticed that his tongue looked a little pale, and I knew that was not normal or good. So I made an appointment for him the next day with our vet on Tuesday at 4:40. I found him dead, in the crate, curled up in his blankie at 3.

I was super surprised/shocked. I had no idea he was that sick. He had been out in the house like normal not even 2 hours earlier. He had picked up Sadie's crums from her lunch at 1, and stole a vanilla wafer from her too. He barked at the UPS man aroun 1:30...and then went and got in the crate and  just...died. :(

I panicked and called my bestie and my hubby. They calmed me down, and encouraged me. Todd came home as soon as he could.

We went to the parents, who live in the country to bury him later that afternoon. We buried him in his collar, wrapped in his blankie in his bed...right next to a sunflower plant.

He was as sweet of a dog, as I have ever had.
I loved him, and am thankful he was a part of our family for 4 years.

I am so glad that the Lord created such sweet companions for us to enjoy.
Buddy, such a handsome guy!
Awe, those brown eyes!

This was typical Buddy...right in the middle of whatever we were doing. In this pic, it was playing Hungry-hungry hippos on Christmas morning.

Love this picture too. He would ride in our bike trailer with Mags and keep her company.

I have always felt, the best way to heal an achey heart over the loss of a to get another one ASAP. So, we did. His name is Jack and he is a doll. Stay tuned in a few days, for a post with meet him and hear his story.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Trick or Treat...2011

This year we got to spend Halloween with family and my girls had a blast. We were able to "trick or treat" with Todd's brothers and wives and our 5 nieces and nephews. We had dinner together and then treated until all the little legs wore out. Thanks Clay and Jenny for having us over! 

This year we had a Rapunzel and a Lady Bug. Funny story about our Rapunzel. If you had asked her who she was, she would tell you she was "Rectangled". You know, like from the movie, Rectangled. Well, not exactly. She really means Rapunzel from the new Disney movie about Rapunzel, called Tangled. Love that rectangle is so big in her vocabulary. HA! It's just too cute to correct. Gotta love 4 year old-isms!
My sweet girls. Aren't their little grins, the BEST!?!
Sadie (16 months) & Maggie (4 years)
My girls and I...
My precious 3 LOVES...
All the Hunt cousins...Rapunzel (Maggie), Pink Flamingo (Lucy), Lady Bug (Claire), 80's girl (Faith), Lady Bug (Sadie), Robot (Lincoln), Tough Guy (Davis)
Daddy strolling with his girls!
The 2 little bugs, enjoying a stroll!
Sadie enjoying not one, but two suckers...all at the same time. Hey, it was the night of CANDY! Letting the girl live a little, ha!
Rapunzel's legs were worn out...hitching a ride from Daddy!

I have never been a fan of  Halloween, but it sure turned into a fun time for my girls to play dress up, spend time with family and enjoy time together as a family!!!

Love to all,