Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer (well almost summer) Cuties!

My girls both love to be outside...this weather has just been the best lately. We have been riding bikes, doing sidewalk chalk and playing with the neighbor kids almost every night. We are very ready for official summer time fun. We are counting down the minutes until our neighborhood pool opens.
Isn't she just such a doll? We are so smitten with our cutie pie Sadie Rose! 
First sandals of the season...man...baby feet in sandals...so adorable! 
Maggie has just about rode the tread off of her bicycle. She is already for the next size up. She loves to ride!

These are my favorite times of the year! We are some SUMMER-loving girls!

Love to all,

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dancing queen...Maggie's tap/ballet recital!

Maggie has been taking a little class of ballet and tap at our local Community Center. She has enjoyed the time learning some fun moves. She had a small recital yesterday, Friday the 20th. The recital had an Americana theme. She danced to "The Grand Ole Flag", and "God Bless the USA". It was a really fun time for us to see our girl on stage. She did really good!
Our little ballerenia...
First time to wear makeup...a little blush and red lipstick!
Mommy and her little star...
Daddy and his dancing queen...
Waiting in line...
The Grand Ole Flag tap dance...Thats a lot of tutu's, right?
Sister Sadie...being entertained!
Ready for her ballet dance...
Sweet little ballet slippers...
God Bless the USA dance...
After it was all over...the dancers got their very own flag and cute little trophy!

Such a sweet little time for our little dancing queen!

Love to all,

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Owen Thomas Carpenter

Nothing sweeter, than a newborn babe! Plain and simple...newborns are one of God's greatest gift to me...and all Mommas!

Two weeks ago, today...my heart was filled up again as my best friends precious and perfect 3rd son was born.

Owen Thomas Carpenter (doesn't he have a great name) was born on Saturday May 7th, at 12:59 pm. He weighed 8 lbs 10 oz, and was 21 inches long. He and my Sarah both did superb! They both had a perfect delivery. He had the most beautiful complexion and sweet little head of hair. He was welcomed home by awesome big brothers Clayton (6) and Drew (2). You should visit Sarah's blog HERE, to hear a fun recap of Owen's birthday. It may or may not contain some hilarious antics that include selling a car, Sarah coloring her hair, and last minute packing...all before going to the hospital after her water broke!
Sarah made the pregnancy and delivery seem so easy. I was truly inspired. She bounced right back from a c-section and  recovered so quickly (she only took 1 pain pill, she is some kind of super-woman). Her and Wade both have transitioned to 3 kiddos, so smoothly. They seem to have endless energy and patience. We are so glad for their excellent example.

The Hunt's couldn't be happier for our best pals the Carpenters. They have been calling little Owen their "grand finale"...as they think he might be their last...and he is SOOOOO grand, indeed!
Love at first sight!  Oh my, he is so YUMMY!
What a precious family of 5! 
Sweet Baby Owen
Maggie was smitten from first introduction too. 
It is such a gift to share in the blessing of new life. I could not ask for a better friend in my Sarah, and I am so lucky to be a part of her kiddos lives. Oh how I can't wait to see little O grow. 

Now, all I need is a 3rd daughter and we will both be set. We have signed in blood, and agreed on arranged marriages for our children. We think they will be perfect matches for one another....and Yes, they have no say in the matter. HA! Then Sarah and I will be not only friends, but family. Pretty smart, huh?

Love to all,

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Maggie & Sadie...everyday pictures!

I love having just plain ole' everyday pictures of my girls. Everyday pictures of them being silly, with messy hair and not posing...just being themselves. Don't get me wrong though...you know I LOVE some pictures of cutesy matching outfits, with bows and curled hair...but I also want to remember these everyday times of playing and miss matched outfits and living our blessed life.

I love my girls with all my heart. They make everyday special!
Sadie loves to play by the back door on a pretty day. She loves peeking out side and watching the dogs go in and out, as well as her sister. She has been soaking up the beautiful days we had last week (until the rain). 
Oh my, these lashes are to-die-for, right! She is never gonna need an ounce of mascara! Love it! 
Sadie had a first "girl" milestone last week...her FIRST pony-tail! Ha! It was the tiniest little sprig of hair, but it was super cute. It was a little "Bam-Bam" style. First of many.... 

Isn't my sweet Maggie just a beauty? The sun was shining on her, the wind was blowing...and she was just glowing. She is the sunshine in our day, and this picture just says that to me. 
And then this picture just sums up her little personality these days. She is trying to be so big, and sound so grown up sometimes when she talks. She has recently taken to telling everyone everything with her hand on her hip. I don't know where she picked it up, but we have had many a heart-to-hearts lately on not being sassy and using a kind and sweet tone when she talks. 
She loves to be outdoors, and loves to help me water the flowers outside. She was so excited when our little rose bush began to bloom. Caught her sniffin....so cute!  
A little side note about our petite rose bush....we call it our "Sadie-Rose" bush. My awesome big brother Justin and his precious family bought it for her and brought it to the hospital when she was born. He said that our Sadie Rose, needed to have her own roses. I am so in love with the plant, I am such a sentimental schmuck...and I love that we will have it for years to come!
I hope you all are having a wonderful week!

Love to all,