Monday, April 26, 2010

Welcome to the family...little one!

No, no...not the baby...silly! We still have 8-9 weeks left until that happens. Welcome to the family little K-I-T-T-Y!!!!!

Yes, Maggie got a little 7 week old kitten this weekend. He is adorable. We have been thinking about getting another cat for several months now, and finally found the perfect one on Saturday. We had decided that Maggie would love the company (she is a cat lover, like her daddy), and that it would be a special companion during our transition when Miss Sadie arrives in June.

We adopted him from Petco on Saturday. He is a Siamese/domestic short hair mix. He is super tiny, and has the most beautiful blue eyes. His still a bit undecided. But narrowed down to either Ace or Blue (for the obvious eye color). We have had a fun weekend, playing with him and cuddling him. He is the perfect blend of playful and yet loves to be held.

Maggie and he are best pals. He has had a few tea parties with her, read some books, been carried around in her her grocery basket and stroller, slept in her lap and played with his fuzzy mice toys and balls until he literally...couldn't play anymore!

We are thrilled with our choice and hope he will be a sweet addition to our family for years to come!

In case you were wondering...we are now CLOSED for any other adopting of animals. My...I mean...our quota has been met! 2 dogs, and 2 cats is ENOUGH for me...I mean us! Ha!

Love to all & have a blessed week!

His first peek at his new home....
He is a laid back little guy...can you tell?
Best pals...
She is so excited to have him...isn't he cute? He has beautiful Siamese markings with the dark tipped ears, nose, feet and tail.
She does really well being careful with him, holding him right and being content to just sit and be still with him. We think this is a huge thing...since she is only 2....well almost 3...sniffle, sniffle!

All smiles!
Check out those blue eyes!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring time cutie pies!!!

Happy Spring, everyone!
Maggie Caroline...

My 2 precious girls...Maggie & Sadie!

Love to all,

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Window in the Womb...a glimpse of Sadie!

Today was a super special day! I got to see my sweet Sadie Rose on 4 D sonogram! We went to the company A Window in the Womb in Southlake. We got to have a 15 minute sono of mostly these 4D style pictures. There is almost nothing better, as a pregnant gal than to already get to see my sweet babes face!

She is soooooo adorable. She looks so much like Todd (again, just like Maggie did) with a cute little pointy nose and chin. She has full lips, and a dimple on her left cheek! She has a little bit of peach fuzz type hair, chubby hands and is most definitely all girl (she was not modest today).

Oh, how I can't wait to kiss her precious face. She seemed very content in her womb. She slept most of the time, but we got to see her open her eyes twice and smile once. What a treat!

It was a great day---spent with some of my favorite people in the world---seeing my baby!

I hope everyone enjoys these priceless peeks into our sweet 28 week gestation baby Sadie Rose!
Love her sweet smile!
And her little cheek dimple on the left side...
Giving us a "thumbs up"...that all is well...Or maybe for her Papa, Uncle JD and Uncle Bubba maybe a Gig'Em Aggie's???
Sweet pouty lips....

Thank you Window in the Womb for a sweet, sweet, sweet experience!!!

Love to all,

Psalms 139:13" For you created my inmost parts, you knit me together in my mother's womb."

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter, 2010!

Happy Easter, 2010!
The girls...Mommy, Maggie and baby Sadie (28 weeks)
Daddy & Maggie...both so cute in their pink!
Maggie Caroline...with some Sunday curls.

Maggie was so excited to wear her new Easter dress, that she came in our room at 6:15 a.m that morning (which is crazy early for her!!!) with her dress in one hand and shoes in the other and declared she was ready to put her "princess Easter dress" on! Ha...little girls are so fun!

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter weekend, celebrating our RISEN Lord!

Love to all,