Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Todd and the girls...Fall 2012

Happy Wednesday!!!
Maggie, 5.5 yrs old
Sadie, almost 2.5 yrs old.

What blessings these 3 are to me!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A trip to the dentist...

We started October with a trip to the dentist. It was Sadie's first time to go. She was so brave and really had fun. The first visit is a happy visit, where they count teeth and do a minimal cleaning with a tooth brush. They get a goodie bag and cherry flavored gloves! Ha!

Mags went first (she had been 4 times already before) and was an excellent example for Sadie to watch. When it was Sadie's turn Maggie said "how about I sit right next to her in case she gets nervous. I will help her be brave." Ahhhh! Melted my heart. Love my precious girls, and I pray they will always be there for one another!

Happy to cavities and a good report for both from our dentist! 


Monday, October 15, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012...

This last Friday, my 3 besties (Sarah, Holly & Abbey), my mother and I and all 8 of our little ones loaded up and headed out to the country in Decatur to have our annual day at the Blackcreek pumpkin patch. This was our 3rd year to go! Such a fun annual adventure!

It is a precious, small town patch with everything my girls like. Petting zoo, fish, corn maze, pedal go-carts, bounce house, face painting, hay ride, barrel train, play ground...and of course PUMPKINS!

We enjoyed our day together and then headed to my parents house for a yummy lunch my Mom made us. Thanks Mama for hosting us all. Love You!

 Food, family and fun...doesn't get much better to me!!!

I adore pumpkin patch pics...below are my faves!

Maggie and Sadie... 2.5 years & 5.5 years old.
My Mom and girls...
3 generations...

Our sweet crew...ages 9 weeks to 7 years!!! Precious sweet blessings. Love that they are all pals.
When did she get soooo big?
The girls loved the petting chicks and baby goats. FUN!

This year they had  a fun little water station with duck races.

Saying "hello" to the bunnies...


A pumpkin for my Pumpkin!

Sadie Bug at the end of the slide...
A hayride with my end the day.

Maggie Caroline...

Love to all...and Happy Fall, y'all!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

August and September...2012

Whew! Where have the last 2 months gone?

We have been so busy with regular old, church, family time...that I can't believe I haven't blogged in 2 months. I have lots to catch up on.

We have been loving school. Our Maggie is an amazing student. In 8 short weeks, she is spelling and reading. It is incredible to be a part of her teaching and learning. I am so thankful for our little school and thankful I get to be her teacher part of the time!

100% on a spelling test!!! Go Mags!

 Speaking of school, we have an official school room now. It has been a work in progress the last month. I have been cleaning out and organizing our entire home. We hosted a garage sale 2 weeks ago and it was so nice to de-clutter and tidy up our home. We made almost $700 too. Yippee! With all of our cleaning we were able to do a "room re-arrange" and moved our playroom upstairs, office to the old playroom and made our old office into the school room. Tons of work! But we are VERY happy with how it all turned out.

Cleaning out feels sooo good!

I am gonna do a post of school room pics in a few days. Can't wait to share.

We were able to do several fun things in August and September, because we have such a flexible school schedule. We decided to join the local Children's Museum. They were hosting a "Grossology" exhibit on the human body. It also has some really fun, hands on exhibits for kiddos of all ages. We joined up with our besties the Carpenters and made a day of it. So thankful to have a local, great learning place to enjoy. We plan to go lots of times over the next year.
Sadie loved the life size "light-bright". 
Glow art... 
Fun with a giant kaleidoscope... 
Love this one of both girls... 

Fun with wind... 

Checking out the beetles and critters... 
Drew and Mags learning about their body... 
The toot-toot station, got loads of giggles...wonder why? 

Giant operation game...maybe a future nurse? 
Checking out the bed of nails...brave girl, Sadie went before Mags! 
Mags playing on the pony game.

Sea Life Aquarium--Grapevine, Texas
In mid September we joined up with several of our home school buddies and headed the local aquarium. My Mom joined us and I was so thankful to have her help. My girls love ALL things animal. They really enjoyed the sights and it was very educational. 
The best pic I could get of all the kiddos... 
Meeting the octopus... 
Me and my girls... 
They had an amazing room over the shark tank with a glass bottom floor. So cool! 
Hello, Mr. Seahorse! 
Fun, INSIDE the tank! 

At the end there was a "hands" on exhibit where the kids could touch star fish, urchins and hermit crabs.  
We grabbed lunch in the food court and topped the day off with a carousel ride with Gigi!!!!!
So much fun!!!