Friday, October 31, 2008

Dressing up for FBC Keller Fall Festival and a day at the pumpkin patch....

What a fun time of year...fall! This weather just could not be any prettier.

We attended our Fall Festival at our church for the first time this year. As you can see, she went as "Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz".
Check out "Dorothy and her pink Todo"

A much different celebration than last year....Maggie was only 5 months old at the time...we dressed her up as a "pumpkin" last year (how ironic, since that is now what her daddy likes to call her for short..."Pumpkin"). We got her dressed in her costume, took several pictures of her in our living room and called it a night. No festival or trick or treating. It was bath, bottle and goodnight for her. Kind of sad, I know, but she really did not seem to mind.
Just for are the pictures from last year at this time! Wasn't she such a cute little pumpkin. Man has she grown too! So fun to reminisce....
Fall 2007 "Our Little Pumpkin"
Daddy and Maggie
What a little ham!

Also this week we went on a play date to the Pumpkin Express pumpkin patch in Argyle, Texas. We went with our sweet friends The Adkins (Doug, Julie & Sterling) and The Sanders (Melissa, Emma Kate and Aubrey). We had a super fun time riding the Pumpkin Express (a.k.a a mini train) and playing for a few hours on bounce houses and wagons and such.
We would love to make this a fall tradition for go to the pumpkin patch.

Mommy and Maggie at the pumpkin patch in Argyle, Texas!

Maggie loved this bounce house at the pumpkin patch!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! We have Todd's little sister, Hannah, her for the weekend with us and are looking forward to catching up with her. Take Care :)!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Well it is official I AM A BLOGGER! I guess there are worse things in life to be called, right! :)
I have been soooooo inspired by some of my sweet friends Sarah C., Abbey, Sarah P., Amy and Kara who are all bloggers, too! They have introduced me to this fun and cute way to highlight, share and preserve memories and pictures. Thanks gals....I may be calling for a tutorial lesson in blogging!

Here are a few new pictures from our weekend that I thought would be perfect to share with everyone! What a blessing it is to have such gorgeous weather to enjoy as we spend time together as a family! We love, love, love the weekends...when Daddy is home!

This weekend was a milestone of a weekend for Daddy and his girl. They were able to share a "first flight" together. We took Maggie up for her first time in Todd's airplane. Definitely more exciting for Daddy than Maggie. We know this because she just sat in the back seat and played. She was completely indifferent to the experience. Todd was very proud and excited to share his passion with his girl. Who knows maybe she will grow to love it as well someday!

As many of you know we are enjoying our new home and neighborhood so much! Our new neighborhood has so much to offer for family time. As a family, we have a new hobby of bike riding. We have purchased a "bike trailer" to pull behind my bike for Maggie, and she loves it. It has been a great way to get us exercising, and spend quality time together outdoors.

The rest of the pictures are of our girl just being cute...she is just so good at it!

Keep looking back here for some fun pictures to come of our "Dorothy and Todo"...yes that is what our sweet girl is going to be for Fall Festival tonight! Can't wait to show her off in her ruby red shoes! Love to all!