Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas to all...and Happy Birthday Jesus!

The Hunts

Friday, December 7, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving...2012

It was a happy Thanksgiving for our family. We got to spend time with both sides of our families, and I didn't have to work. Win, our book.

We did our annual Flynt fish fry with my side of the family, and we spent a few days together with the Hunt side out at Todd's parents place. It was a great time and the girls really enjoyed being with all of their cousins...they a total of 10 between  both sides!

I forgot my camera (eeek) when we traveled to see the Hunt side, so the only pics I have are from our time with the Flynt's.  

Hope you all were able to enjoy time with those that you love the most. And remembered to thank the Lord for all of the things he provides for us.

Maggie made this darling little Indian outfit at school! Love it, I remember making the same. Such a good ole' classic, the brown paper bag vest and head dress. 

Family picture time...
Gigi and Papa with all 7 grand kids...
All 15 of us...that started as an original 5. So blessed!!!
My Mom and Dad, love them SO!!!
4 thankful for the Godly women in my life.
The big girls...Maggie, Morgan and Macy.
The boys...Jackson, Joshua and Jerod.
The cooking crew...such a yummy meal! Fried fish, friend shrimp, hush puppies, friend jalapenos, salad, beans...yum!!!
Playing in the fall leaves...
When you are the get to be the one to get buried! Sweet Sadie loved it!

Love this holiday season...and we are counting down the days until Christmas. Yay!

Love to all,

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Guess who got glasses?

A few weeks ago while at the pediatrician (Mags had strep throat) we had the doctor do a quick eye exam. Maggie's kinder teacher had relayed to us, that she thought Mags was having trouble seeing. We are so thankful for her watchful eye, as we had not noticed it at home.She ended up testing 20/50 in both eyes at the pediatrician, so we scheduled an appt for a pedi-opthamalogist. She saw a wonderful doctor, and we had a great experience in his office. She has astigmatisms in both eyes. Good ole' genetics as both Todd and I have astigmatisms too. 

We ended up picking out glasses from our local Visionworks to save a little $$$. She picked out two pair with a little help from Todd and I. So far she has adjusted to them beautifully. No complaints when wearing them. She has been doing a really great job keeping up with them and handling them gently, too. 

We think she is the cutest little thing in glasses! What a doll she is to us.
Such a big girl!!!
This was posted in our eye doctors exam room. How wonderful and refreshing to see!

Sweet girl in her pink and red glasses! I like the above hot pink ones best, and Todd loves the red ones. And Maggie loves them both!!!!

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


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Monday, November 5, 2012

Trick or Treat...2012!

We had a cowgirl and a Piggy this year to go trick or treating. I thought they were pretty darn cute! Maggie is super into horses and pony's...and Sadie loves all animals. Their costumes were so fitting to each of their little likes these days.

We met up with a few other Hunt's (Todd's brother Clay, his wife Jenny and their 3 kids) for the evening.  It was super fun to be with family on that night.
Maggie the cowgirl...and Sadie the pink Piggy. 

Pink Piggy -Sadie, Renaissance Princess- Lucy, Viking- Lincoln, Cowgirl- Maggie and Owl- Claire
Such a cute crew!!!! 

Sister showing her the "trick or treating" ropes. I was so proud...she kept reminding Sadie to say Thank you. Such the good big sis!
The coolest pumpkin I saw all night!!! Praying for a Romney victory tomorrow. 
Sweet 5.5 year old Mag... 
Big 2.5 year old Sadie... 
Daddy and Piggy... 
Silly Daddy... 

Love my little family...and love the little fall tradition of dressing up for candy!

Love to all,

Thursday, November 1, 2012

School days...

We officially have 10 weeks of kindergarten under our belt. We could not be more pleased with the school and type of program we chose for school. The mix of part time Christian and part time home school has been a wonderful suit for all 4 of us.

Maggie still is enjoying school. She loves her teacher and class mates at DCA. She is still eager to learn and do school on our at home days (Tues-Thurs-Fri) too. So far, we haven't had any grumbling or tears when it comes time to do our school work, although I am sure the day is coming. She is eager to learn and is making amazing progress. She is doing early reading with stories such as Six Fish, The Red Pen and Gum on the Rug. She has done really well at spelling too. This week her spelling words were fish, ship, shop, much, bath, this, chin, math, with and that. She is struggling in Math, but we are working hard. We do our doubles (2+2, 5+5) flash cards all the time, have songs for skip counting and counting by 10's. We practice counting to 100 almost every day. I know she is gonna catch on soon. 

I have been most amazed at her ability to memorize. She is a little sponge and just soaks it all up! We are working on a scripture every week. So far she has memorized 10! This week her verse was Colossians 3:13...Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. Nothing more precious than helping my Maggie to hide God's word in her heart and head!

I would have never known to push Maggie at this pace or known that she was capable of these things at this age and stage in school. I am so grateful for the guidance and lesson plans her teacher provides.
Since this is our online family scrapbook, I wanted to capture our school room. We plan to do many years of teaching/learning in here. It is the first room you see when you enter our home, and I wanted it to be cheerful and welcoming.

My Mom and Nana helped me pull the room together with some sewing, crafting and painting. It is even more special that their touch is on the room too!

A Home school Mama's prayer....Thank you that you bless our school time. Help my children learn the skills that You need for them to learn. The writing, reading, math, science, history, etc. are all to point my children back to You. More than any academic knowledge Lord, help my children personally know You. That is my goal.

Love to all,

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Todd and the girls...Fall 2012

Happy Wednesday!!!
Maggie, 5.5 yrs old
Sadie, almost 2.5 yrs old.

What blessings these 3 are to me!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A trip to the dentist...

We started October with a trip to the dentist. It was Sadie's first time to go. She was so brave and really had fun. The first visit is a happy visit, where they count teeth and do a minimal cleaning with a tooth brush. They get a goodie bag and cherry flavored gloves! Ha!

Mags went first (she had been 4 times already before) and was an excellent example for Sadie to watch. When it was Sadie's turn Maggie said "how about I sit right next to her in case she gets nervous. I will help her be brave." Ahhhh! Melted my heart. Love my precious girls, and I pray they will always be there for one another!

Happy to cavities and a good report for both from our dentist! 


Monday, October 15, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012...

This last Friday, my 3 besties (Sarah, Holly & Abbey), my mother and I and all 8 of our little ones loaded up and headed out to the country in Decatur to have our annual day at the Blackcreek pumpkin patch. This was our 3rd year to go! Such a fun annual adventure!

It is a precious, small town patch with everything my girls like. Petting zoo, fish, corn maze, pedal go-carts, bounce house, face painting, hay ride, barrel train, play ground...and of course PUMPKINS!

We enjoyed our day together and then headed to my parents house for a yummy lunch my Mom made us. Thanks Mama for hosting us all. Love You!

 Food, family and fun...doesn't get much better to me!!!

I adore pumpkin patch pics...below are my faves!

Maggie and Sadie... 2.5 years & 5.5 years old.
My Mom and girls...
3 generations...

Our sweet crew...ages 9 weeks to 7 years!!! Precious sweet blessings. Love that they are all pals.
When did she get soooo big?
The girls loved the petting chicks and baby goats. FUN!

This year they had  a fun little water station with duck races.

Saying "hello" to the bunnies...


A pumpkin for my Pumpkin!

Sadie Bug at the end of the slide...
A hayride with my end the day.

Maggie Caroline...

Love to all...and Happy Fall, y'all!