Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bluebonnets 2012...

Bluebonnets...our State flower...and a state tradition!
We found a lovely patch and grabbed a few sweet pictures of the girls!

Sweet sisters...
and friends...

                                     I pray that they will always be close and love each other!!!

My Maggie is growing up so fast! 4 years, 9 months, 4 weeks and 1 day old to be exact!!!

Maggie Caroline...her crazy hair has begun to get curly...especially on a humid day. Love those sweet curls!

Sadie Rose,  exactly  21 months this day. Such a little delight!

Love to all,

Thursday, March 29, 2012

FBC Keller Family Field Day...

We are so blessed to have a wonderful church home!!! This last weekend our church hosted it's 3rd annual Family Field Day. It is an event geared towards encouraging family time together and also outreach to the community. It is a generous free event, complete with food, drink and every kind of entertainment you can think of for the kiddos. 

Our girls had a great time. They both came home happy as could be and wiped out. They both took 3 hour naps that afternoon. It was a gorgeous, sunny warm day and we even had to break out the sunscreen for the first time this year.

They got to enjoy pony rides. Mags rode them 3 different times. My girl likes LOVES her some ponies!!! Do you notice that these ponies had glittery hooves, manes and tails? Right up our alley!
Sadie, enjoyed a ride too!

There was a darling petting zoo complete with baby piglets just 2 months old...

Ducks and Chickens...

Pygmy goats and lambs...

The smaller animals kept hiding under the stools...Mags was helping Sadie find them. So cute!

And bunnies!

Sadie loved the toddler bounce house maze!

They both got their faces painted too!

Mags requested a pony...and the artist surprised her with a unicorn pony!

And a lady bug only seemed fitting for our Sadie-Bug!

Sliding fun for Mags!

Thank you FBC Keller for a true day of Family Fun for us!!!!

Love to all,

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Zoo Fun 2012!

To say that my girls are animal an understatement! They both love seeing/touching animals, reading books about them, watching show about them...they just love all of God's creatures. We got to take a trip to the zoo last week with several of our dear pals. It was a beautiful day, with perfect sunshine-y weather. The zoo is a favorite place of ours!!!

We zoo-ed until, literally the girls couldn't go anymore! They had a blast!
My girls were both up and ready early...I shot a few pics of the girls having a breakfast smoothie on the front porch waiting on our zoo buddies...Gigi (my Mom) and my nephew Joshua (age 7) to arrive to go with us.

Cutie pie girls in the best "Zoo" outfits I could come up with...a little cheetah print on Sadie and a Zebra shirt on Mags. Ha! It's a girl thing!

Maggie Caroline...4.5 years old.
Sadie Rose...20 months.


Boa constrictor.

They loved the pond with turtles and...

Mr. Crocodile!!!!

Amazing snake...from Africa.

Up close and personal with the animals...a snake and a tarantula.

LOVE this pic of the boys...Landry, Drew and Clayton. They weren't posing. They were just taking it all in. So cute!

Blue hyacinth parrot.

Mags and a comodo dragon.

my girls...

Mr. Meerkat.

Joshua and Maggie.

Asian Elephant.

Gigi, Joshua, Maggie and Sadie.

The Giraffe family.

My precious bestie and I.

Silly Sadie.

Learning about crocodiles at the outdoor classroom.


Tiger nap time. HA!

ROAR!!!! Lion.

Chimpanzee family, with their swinging little 3 month old baby.


Some of the cutest 5 zoo-goers, EVER!!!

Love to all,