Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving # 1...

We just had Thanksgiving number 1 for 2008 with all of Leah's side of the family, The Flynt's and The Kuykendall's...we will celebrate number 2 later this week with Todd's family in Lubbock. Isn't it a blessing that once you get married you get 2 families...that means twice the celebrating, right?

We celebrated our Thanksgiving this last Sunday at our new house. I have sooooo much to be thankful for....listen to this....3 precious grandparents, 1 sweet great aunt, 2 healthy wonderful parents, 2 awesome BIG brothers, 2 sweet sister-in-laws, 5 adorable neices and nephews, 2 loving aunts/2 kind uncles, 2 beautiful cousins and a couple of priceless family friends (and that is just Leah's side of the family)...a wonderful husband and a sweet as could be daughter! 25 total blessings, to be exact! Thank you God for my treasure of a family.

This was my debut as a cook for a large crowd. I could not have done it with out my wonderful momma's help. She taught me so much! I learned family recipes and the art to cooking a juicy turkey. Thank you mom for loving me and helping when ever I call (which is daily) and thanks family for being my guinea pigs!

It was a joy to gather together and fellowship! You all are welcome at our home, anytime!

Love to all, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Below are random pictures from the day...I wished I had snapped more. I was pretty tied up in the kitchen, though.

Todd, Leah and sweet Maggie...

Maggie checking out the pumpkin decorations...

Some of the gals gathering in the kitchen...

Daddy, Nana and Uncle Tom watching the Cowboys game...

Let the fun first buffet line

All the rowdy cousins having their meal...

We all almost squezzed into my ktichen...

Maggie all tuckered out at the end of the day...watching some baby einstein DVD, paci and her blankie and dog (her favorites)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Quality time & brownies.....

We love quality time with Daddy! We live for the weekends, does anybody else?

Maggie had a wonderful first experience this weekend...BROWNIES! I had a craving (no I am not prego) for something sweet, and my lovely husband (whose idea of cooking is Frito pie...chips, can-o-chili, and shredded cheese) offered to prepare a little something sweet for me. YUMMO brownies! How lucky was I right? Well, of course, he ended up with a little helper....Maggie!

Here are some precious pictures of our girls first time with brownies. I think she is a fan for life, now. And oh, did she think she was so big, sitting on the counter right in the middle of all the action!

What a wonderful husband and father my Todd is!

Also, before the cold blizzard hit (ha, ha) on Friday, Maggie and I got one last trip for the weekend, in at our neighborhood park. She loves to be outside. It is one of her favorite things to do. She loves the slide especially!

Thanks for visiting the blog, hope you are enjoying it. Love to all!!!!

Getting started...brownies 101...

Pointing at mommy (who always has the camera)...please excuse the CRAZY bed head hair!

First taste...yummo!

Could a chocolate face be any cuter....?

All done, and time for the tub!

Fun at the neighborhood play park...

Check out the says it all!

Big girl on the slide...

The slide is her favorite...
P.S Maggie's first little shiner (see below post for details) is almost all healed up! Praise God! I have gotten some very concerned looks this week at the grocery store.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Maggie vs. The Kitchen Table Bench...

Is there anything worse than seeing your precious child hurting? Oh, it just rips your heart to pieces, right?

Maggie vs. The Kitchen Table Bench...the bench won....sadly!

A late morning game of chase with Maggie's favorite playmate...Buddy our daschund, turned into a pretty ugly booboo. Her little footed PJ's don't give her the best traction on our hardwood floor and right before my eyes she smacked into the corner of our bench with her little face/eye! I swear that 99.9% of her accidents happen when I am just a foot away. Why is that?

Many of the experienced Mommy's in my life have the greatest advice for this area...but it doesn't make it any easier. They say "First of many booboo's, Mom, get used to it"!

I am so thankful to our Lord and creator, that he designed our bodies to be so resilient and tough! She was done crying, and laughing at my silly song in no time at all...just a few minutes!

I have to say I think it may be the cutest and sadest little shiner I ever did see!

Maggie's first shiner

Her nemesis....the corner! (Please ignore the muddy paw prints and dust bunnies in the day....tomorrow, right?)

Precious smile, to make mommy know, it was going to be OKAY!
Thank you God!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Christmas came a little early.....

Oh, what a joy it is to see your child having FUN!

Yes, Christmas came a wee bit early this year! Todd has had his eye on this precious little pink car for Maggie for a few weeks. It just so happened, that good old Toys R Us had it on sale this weekend...we are suckers for a good sale. So....we had to get it!

Todd could hardly wait to put it together and show it to Maggie. She was so excited! She helped her daddy put it together (aka...scattered the screws and stacked the wheels on top of each other and ran off with his tools). What fun!

It is such a joy to provide for your child. Especially the fun stuff! Below is a video of Maggie's first ride around the play room, with assistance from her Daddy as well as some pictures of her precious smile. Note---a few of her new teeth! You can see her 2 newest molars in her precious grin. They seem so big, in her little mouth.

She changes so much everyday. What a little sweet LOVE she is to us!

We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Our weekend...

We had a nice family weekend. Todd's little baby sister (who is not a baby anymore...but a beautiful 18 year old young lady) was in town from Lubbock to visit and stay for the weekend. She was a delight to have in our house for the weekend! We are praying for Hannah right now as she is facing the Lord's leading about possibly changing her college major and her career choice to possibly...NURSING! Yippee, her sister-in-law is rooting for it, as I think Hannah would be a super nurse. We will just have to wait and see what the Lord has in store for her....

Also as many of you Texans know it was NASCAR Weekend at Texas Motor Speedway this weekend. This Hunt family is pretty crazy about NASCAR, so as you can imagine we were pretty fired up! We typically make a weekend of it at the track with tail gating and celebrating, but this year our budget didn't allow...what with the new house and all. So instead, we celebrated with our tail gating buddies and dear friends, The Lewis's (Bill, Sarah and Robert) at their new house. It was a great alternative, and almost the same as being at the race track, ha, ha, ha! We had mexican food and too much dessert!

The very best part is that Maggie and I's driver won, the #99, Carl Edwards! He is in the running right now to win the Nextel Cup for 2008 (the biggest prize in NASCAR for the year). Okay, okay I know we are a little redneck....shhhhhh....don't tell anyone!

Below are some fun pictures from the weekend, enjoy, and see you soon!

Maggie and her Aunt Hannah getting a Saturday Morning snuggle!

Todd, Leah & Maggie all in their favoirte NASCAR drivers shirts!

Daddy and his NASCAR girl!

Todd and Bill Lewis just hanging out watching the race....

Maggie and Robert (Bill and Sarah's 16 year old son) having fun together....

Leah and Sarah Lewis

#99 Carl Edwards the winner of the Dickey's 500 Race at Texas Motor Speedway 2008, via ABC and the Lewis's awesome 65 inch TV!

Our sweet girl, all tuckered out, after a long weekend of fun!