Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Precious family...

Oh, how precious family truly is!!!

What a huge blessing longevity and health is as well. My girls and I got a sweet treat today. We got to go see 3 precious ladies in my family. My Grandmother (my Dad's mom) and 2 of my Great Aunts. One of my Great Aunts is in town visiting my Grandmother and Sister from North Carolina. They are all in the 80's to 90's, so traveling like this is only on rare occasions. They have been making the most of their time together visiting, seeing family, playing games and staying up late talking. What sweet fellowship for sisters to share.

I love them all dearly, and am so thankful for their amazing examples of womanhood, wifehood (they are all 3 widows now) and most importantly women of God!

Love you Grandma, Aunt Lois and Aunt Sybil!

Of course, I had my camera...and had to get a few pics of my girls with them. Maggie and Sadie are #6 and #7 Great Grand children for my Grandma, too!
My precious Grandma Flynt with Sadie and Maggie!

Aunt Lois and Aunt Sybil with Magie and Sadie!

Love to all,

More back blogging...10/31/10!

Catching up on some back-blogging...Halloween 2010!

Although, as a family, Halloween is not one of our favorite holidays...we love costumes and seeing the girls dressed up is always so much fun. This year we had a little kitty cat and Strawberry Shortcake on our hands. We were able to attend a sweet little Fall festival in our area with family. Maggie especially loved it. There was a pony ride, a hay ride, games, food and fun!

On actual Halloween night, we passed out candy and pamphlets on salvation and how to get to heaven (our church had 7000 tracks printed for the members to pass out on Halloween, cool, right?). This was the first time in our nearly 8 years of marriage that I have been home, and not at work on Halloween night to pass out candy. Maggie really had fun seeing all of our neighbors and handing out candy. She would squeal and run to the door when the door bell would ring.

I love sharing pictures of our girls with you all...and hope my little Kitty and SS bring a smile to you!

Love to all,
The cutest little black kitty you ever did see...Sadie Rose 4 months.
Sweet old fashioned Strawberry Shortcake...Maggie Caroline 3.5 years old.
I love my girls...

Daddy and his girls....