Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Life pictures!

Hello all! Long time, no see!

I guess life has just been busy. Can't imagine why, right? With a 3.5 year old on steroids and an a 6 month old...I have tons of extra time....NOT! Not complaining, though. Just sad I have slacked so much on my blogging. I promise to do better!

Seeing as how it has been two months and two major holidays since my last post...I am going to cut a few corners and just do a..."Life lately" post and catch up a little in pictures!

Love to all and thanks for keeping up with our little life!

Thanksgiving 2010
Sadie Rose, 5 months old, always so smiley!

Maggie Caroline...still loves to paint. I swear we do it almost every single day! Wonder if she will paint when she is older, too?
Sadie loves her tubby time...its her most favorite time of the day!
Sweet sisters...
Maggie Caroline...this is one of my all time favorite pics of her. I LOVE her sweet smile, red piggy tails, and her innocent tilt of the head!
Sadie Rose and one last "gummy smile" picture...she is working on getting her first tooth! Sniffle, sniffle...can't they just stay little forever?
More tubby time...together! We are just doing our part to conserve water...ha!?!
Sisters forever...
Christmas pj's...Christmas Eve!
Maggie and her pink tree...

Christmas morning together...

My blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Precious family...

Oh, how precious family truly is!!!

What a huge blessing longevity and health is as well. My girls and I got a sweet treat today. We got to go see 3 precious ladies in my family. My Grandmother (my Dad's mom) and 2 of my Great Aunts. One of my Great Aunts is in town visiting my Grandmother and Sister from North Carolina. They are all in the 80's to 90's, so traveling like this is only on rare occasions. They have been making the most of their time together visiting, seeing family, playing games and staying up late talking. What sweet fellowship for sisters to share.

I love them all dearly, and am so thankful for their amazing examples of womanhood, wifehood (they are all 3 widows now) and most importantly women of God!

Love you Grandma, Aunt Lois and Aunt Sybil!

Of course, I had my camera...and had to get a few pics of my girls with them. Maggie and Sadie are #6 and #7 Great Grand children for my Grandma, too!
My precious Grandma Flynt with Sadie and Maggie!

Aunt Lois and Aunt Sybil with Magie and Sadie!

Love to all,

More back blogging...10/31/10!

Catching up on some back-blogging...Halloween 2010!

Although, as a family, Halloween is not one of our favorite holidays...we love costumes and seeing the girls dressed up is always so much fun. This year we had a little kitty cat and Strawberry Shortcake on our hands. We were able to attend a sweet little Fall festival in our area with family. Maggie especially loved it. There was a pony ride, a hay ride, games, food and fun!

On actual Halloween night, we passed out candy and pamphlets on salvation and how to get to heaven (our church had 7000 tracks printed for the members to pass out on Halloween, cool, right?). This was the first time in our nearly 8 years of marriage that I have been home, and not at work on Halloween night to pass out candy. Maggie really had fun seeing all of our neighbors and handing out candy. She would squeal and run to the door when the door bell would ring.

I love sharing pictures of our girls with you all...and hope my little Kitty and SS bring a smile to you!

Love to all,
The cutest little black kitty you ever did see...Sadie Rose 4 months.
Sweet old fashioned Strawberry Shortcake...Maggie Caroline 3.5 years old.
I love my girls...

Daddy and his girls....

Friday, October 29, 2010

Sadie Rose---4 months old!

Our Sadie Rose turned 4 months old on October 29th. I am a little back-blogged...but better late than never, right?

It is so hard to believe my baby is already 4 months old. I have found myself on numerous occasions "stalling" Sadie...that is wanting her to stay a little baby as LONG as possible. Oh, how I love little babies!!!

This fourth month has been as wonderful as the others. Sadie continues to be an easy, pleasant and sweet baby. She eats, plays and sleeps. She has developed so much more coordination this month. She loves to play in her play gym, brings everything up to her mouth and has become more vocal. She smiles all the time and just lights up anytime anyone talks to her. She is super ticklish on her neck and collar bones and will giggle when you tickle her there. So cute!!!! Video of this giggle to come soon. :)

In the last few days we have graduated Sadie to some of her more mature toys...the exersaucer, Bumbo chair and jumperoo. So far, she is loving them.

We are so blessed to be Sadie's parents! Oh how we love our sweet girl!

Sadie's 4 month stats:
wt: 14 lb 12 oz (75% percentile)
length: 25.5 inches (50th percentile)
size 2 diapers, so close to size 3's
clothes: size 6 month, with size 9 month PJ's
eating: still nursing every 3-4 hours, takes 4 or 5 naps a day still and sleeps from around 8:30 pm until around 4 -6ish a.m then back down until 8 0r 9 a.m.
likes/dislikes: still loves bath time, her fingers and paci, music and her sister...dislikes her Poly-vi-sol vitamins (don't blame her), not a huge fan of tummy time these days either...usually
only last about five minutes.
firsts: 10/2 first pumpkin patch, 10/20 first time to roll over, did it twice in one day and hasn't done it again since (from tummy to back), 10/26 first time in the Bumbo chair, 10/27 first fall festival, 10/31 first costume/Halloween (a little black kitty cat), 11/2 first ear infection :( , 11/5 first time in the exersaucer.

This is how our girl spends a big part of her day...she has LOVED her play gym!
Tummy time...
Sweet little grin!
Love this doll face!!!!

She has started loving to stand up, when we hold her...I was trying to get an action shot! Ha!

Love to all,

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Good luck Texas Rangers in game #1 of the World Series!!!

Our little Ranger's fan in Daddy's hat! Sadie Rose almost 4 months...

Love to all,

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just for fun...

Just for fun...I thought I would compare some pictures that I had of my girls in similar poses and the same age. I see some similarities, but they are definitely different girls. It is so crazy how much bigger Maggie was too. She out weighed Sadie by over 1.5 pounds at this same age.

Love my sweet girls!!! Can't wait to see their similarities and differences over the years.

Love to all,

Sadie Rose 3.5 months
Maggie Caroline 4 months
Sadie Rose 3.5 months

Maggie Caroline...3 months

Sunday, October 10, 2010

10 things on 10/10/10!!!

So, I thought I would do a "10 random things Hunt update" in honor of the day that is upon us.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Lots of love to all,

1.10 inches...that's right 10! I recently cut off 10 inches of my hair and donated it to the "Locks of Love" organization that makes wigs from donated hair for cancer patients undergoing Chemotherapy. I have a friend battling ovarian cancer at the young age of 30. She is being so strong, brave and courageous...and I was inspired to do something for someone in her same shoes. I am so blessed to have good health, and hope that my tiny little donation will bless someone. Such a cool organization, don't ya think?

2. We have all been sickly these last 10 days or so. Todd and I have both been battling allergies, drainage and sore throats....then the girls both got sick this week and are both on antibiotics for 10 days. Mags had a sinus infection and poor Sadie bug had the H-flu (haemopholus influenza). Ugh, I sure hope we have a WELL fall and winter. Sick kiddos is the worst, to me!

3. I love cupcakes!!! I have been learning to bake them and frost them. I have made at least 8 dozen of them in the last month for various birthdays, baby showers and just because. Ha! Also, we have two new little cupcake joints in our town. Such a fun little treat, that just makes me feel happy.

4. On the cupcake note...weight loss...ha! The Hunt house has recently been a little lighter. Before I delivered Sadie, Todd and I had decided that after delivery...we were gonna get healthier. We had been inspired by my Mom, who has lost 55 pounds in the last 9 months. We followed in her footsteps and have declared our home a "low carb" home. We have been eating tons of fruit, veggies, lean meats and salads. We have dropped most sweets, with the exception of a cupcake here and there (snicker out loud...:) ). The modification has worked well for us as Todd has lost almost 25 pounds and I have lost 49 (including my 30 lbs. of preggo weight). Yay for us!!! We are proud of ourselves...this has not been easy because we LOVE to eat!

5. The terrible/difficult 3's & separation anxiety... We have hit a bit of some tough times with our sweet Maggie. She was a doll through the 2's, but the 3's have been more difficult. She has lately seemed so much more whiney, moody and dramatic. She has really been struggling with separation anxiety, too. When I leave for work, even though its just a few times a month...or when I have left her at preschool...the tears come. It is so heartbreaking for me. I hate it when she is so sad and upset. Everyone keeps reassuring me it is a phase, but I sure did like my confident and brave Maggie and hope we see her again soon. In her defense, I know she has had a lot going on in her little life lately. The birth of her sister, her kidney illness and steroid therapy (they are a huge contributor to he moodyness), preschool....etc. I pray for patience and wisdom daily, and could use some extra doses of it lately. Any ideas, suggestions, encouragement...fellow bloggers?

6.Fall Ball---my hot-Toddy is playing fall softball and LOVING it. He would love it so much more if they could just win too...but it is all in the name of fun and fellowship. We are so glad to have some nice weather to go and root on our favorite player in. It is fun to see him play, and I know he is having fun. Games are on Fridays, if any of you ever want to come and watch. :)

7. Scentsy...? Anyone heard of this? It is a flameless candle/fragrance company. I have one in my home and change the fragrances out every few days. I love for my home to smell yummy and have loved my Scentsy warmer. I am thinking of hosting a fall Scentsy party here at my house, November 6th. Anyone think they would want to come?

8. NYC---my precious mom and aunt are going on a super fun, all girls...trip of a lifetime next week. They are making their way to NYC! They will be there for 5 days. They are doing all the NYC typical stuff...subway, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Chinatown, Broadway...etc. To say I am jealous of their a bit of an understatement. I have always wanted to go to NYC...someday, right?

9. Iphone....woohoo, I got one. My cell phone had recently bit the dust, so my hubs decided I could get an Iphone. I love it. It is really awesome. Its like a little computer, gps, calendar and tv all rolled into one. Thanks babe, for getting it for me. :)

10. glad good shows are back on. We are some TV people. Todd and I have several favorite shows that were not on this summer, and we are so glad to have some shows on with some plot. Some of our favorites are Survivor, The Amazing Race, CSI: Miami, NY and Vegas, Chuck, The Office. Todd's faves are...Golf Channels "Big Break" and Hawaii 5-0 and my faves are Vampire Diaries and 90210...I know I am such a "teeney bopper" at heart!

Okay...thats all I can think RaNdOm...I know!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

First Pumpkin Patch of the year...

Last Friday, was our official first visit to the pumpkin patch this year. The weather has been so beautiful here the last week or so, and we were thrilled to have a fun outdoor activity to do...without melting. Ha! We loaded up with some of our favorite people, The Carpenter's, and headed north to a sweet little patch up in Wise County near my parents house. My Mom also joined us for the day once we got there. My girls loved spending the morning with their Gigi.

It was a darling place, owned by a family that I have known for years. The very best part of the trip was that we had the entire place...ALL to ourselves. It was only the patches second official day to be open to the public this year and we were so happy to be the only ones there. What a treat!

The pumpkin patch had all of our favorite things...a fish pond, a petting zoo with bunnies, goats and baby chicks...a corn maze, bounce house and swinging bridge/slide...face painting, pumpkins to buy and a barrel train ride. We had a super time and were able to get a few sweet Fall pictures from the day, too.

We topped off the day with some McDonald's for lunch, and everyone was down for a nap by 3! Whew, what fun. Hope to get to a few more pumpkin patches again soon. Such a fun Fall activity!

Love to all,

Clayton, Drew and Maggie feeding the fish...
Holding a baby chick...they were only 2 weeks old! So fun for my little animal lover to be so close and get to hold one.
How cute, right? Bunnyville!
Me and my girls...
Impossible to get them both looking in the same direction....
My Mom and I...what a wonderful Momma I have!
My Sarah blesses me so much!
The barrel train ride...hold on Mag!
In the pumpkins...
Feeding the goats....
This one is for Mag's Poppa!!! A city girl can be country, too??? He will be proud!
Pals checking out the swinging bridge/slide!

A pink pumpkin face painting!