Friday, July 31, 2009


I am so thankful that Maggie is a girlie-girl! I think this picture speaks for itself!

This was the first time that I have painted her toe nails. So cute...bubble gum pink! When Maggie saw Todd last night, after was the first thing out of her mouth..."pitty toes" she said! Ha! Love my girl!

Yay, that the weekend is here!
Love to all,

Saturday, July 25, 2009

American Idol Live Tour...

Yes, Todd and I are "teeney-boppers" at heart, at times (he would die if he knew I just blogged that to the entire blog-os-spere, ha)! Especially when it comes to the popular show, American Idol. We are those grown ups, who faithfully watch it every season and sit on our couch and text/vote for our favorite singers from week to week!

Last year we went to their American Idol Live tour at American Airlines Center and loved it! So this year we decided to go again! The concert is the top 9 finalists and the winner. They tour singing a few of their favorite songs. It ends up being a great mix of all kinds of music, from John Lennon to Beyonce to The Fray and Santanna...etc! We know the lead guitarist for the American Idol band and he hooked us up with backstage passes. It was really great. We got to meet and hang out with the idols for about an hour.
I think that in a marriage it is important to have a few things that the both of you enjoy doing together. Something other than your children or your immediate family...something just for the two of you to share and have fun doing. For Todd and I, some of those things seem to be Nascar, and American Idol....SOOOOO random, I know! But, works for us!

Here are a few pics from our night!

Todd & Leah before the concert began...isn't my honey soooo cute in his funky new glasses for casual wear...

All ten "idols" doing" their thing...what a fun group..her they were singing Journey's, "Don't stop believing"...

Here is our friend Tim jamming with this years winner Kris Allen.
Tim, is BY far the best guitarist we have ever known! Greatness!
Me with this years winner, Kris Allen. He was a really nice guy!

Popsicle Smile!!!

Long time, NO post! We have been really busy lately, it seems! You know how when you look at your calendar and nothing big is really on it....but you just seem SO busy everyday???? That is how life has been lately for the Hunt family. Any one else out there ever feel like that? Between the terrific-two's stage with Maggie, work, family, fun and housewife days are full!

I took a picture of Maggie having her first chocolate popsicle last night. She LOVED it, and woke up this a.m asking for a popsicle for breakfast. Ha! I had to share her chocolatey, messy and precious smile!

Hope everyone is having a fun summer!
Love to all,

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July, from our family to yours!
May God Bless America!

Maggie in her patriotic fun having a girlie girl!

A patriotic family pic... at our friends house

Maggie all smiles...loving the fireworks!!!