Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dancing Queen #2...Spring Recital!

This last Saturday was our Dancing Queen's Spring Recital. The theme was "Do you love me, now that I can dance". Ha! Maggie got to be a Lavender flower for her ballet routine, and a honey bee for her tap routine. She absolutely loved dance this semester. She did a perfect job at her performance and we couldn't be prouder!
Sweet little ballerina! 
Daddy and his girl... 
Me and my girl... 

Her little class of 3-5 year olds... 

Our little tap dancing honey bee! 

Love her proud, big smile...on the right in the way back!

Afterwards she received a beautiful trophy for her participation and technique! 

Being a Mother...

I read this on a blog I love to follow about what a privilege it is to be a Mother...

It is a delightful wonder that God has chosen us to receive His gift of children and to realize that it is our great blessing to love, protect, and train them. As the years begin to go by, it is sometimes a surprise to discover that in addition to impacting a child's life God accomplishes another purpose in parenting. Through the challenges, frustrations, joys, and observation of human nature in our little ones, we, ourselves, can be personally conformed more and more to the image of our Lord Jesus Christ. What an added dimension this gives to the calling of a parent--God is using the children He has given me to mold me...
(Me & my Mother...Maggie and Sadie)

...Recognizing the place God wants you to be, being satisfied in it, and doing your part diligently are significant steps for parents. It is possible to overlook the seriousness of this privileged role. The temptation is great to respond to the world's clamoring that only outside the home can an adult do something worthwhile, fulfilling, or beneficial for mankind. And it is very easy to neglect the daily opportunities to nurture a child. (BSF International, Isaiah 2010)

(Me and my girls...)

As another Mother's Day rolls by, I am praying that I would remember what an incredible privilege it is to be a mama. That I would be content in the place God has called me as a parent. That I would see God's incredible purpose in my job as Maggie and Sadie's mom. And that not only would the Lord use me to impact the lives of my children, but that He would also use my children to mold me.
(The best Mama, I know...mine!)

It is a privilege to be a Mama.

Let's never forget that.

Love to all,

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer PJ's...

What do you get...

When you mix a cheap, basic white tee-shirt...

With a rainbow of Puff paint...

You get fun memories with Gigi and new summer PJ's!!!!

When I was a kid we would do the same thing with my Nana. I loved it and thought that these "fancy" personalized PJ's were the BEST!
Now as a Mama, I still think the same thing...and so does Mag. They are cheap, comfy, cute and cool!

Mags is my "crafty" girl and loved having this opportunity to free style and design 6 whole shirts!

And here are her 6 final products!!!! A heart "love" shirt, a "sisters" shirt with handprints from both Sadie and Mag, a ocean/ beach shirt, handprints and her name, a rainbow shirt and finally her favorite...a unicorn shirt (with some help from Gigi's creative side).

Fresh from the tub and ready for sweet dreams!!!
Love to all,

P.S Pictures are a little blurry...sorry. Took them with my camera on my phone. :(
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Splish, splash...

Splish, our neighborhood splash park, that is! We are so ready for SUMMER!
Sadie Rose was ready to go! 
Love that little diaper booty and cute springy pony tail!
Mags, all of the sudden seems so grown up to me. Must be her approaching 5th birthday! 

Love my little water babies! 

Love to all,

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cousin Fun...

Last week, we had the privilege of having my niece Morgan spend a few nights with us. She is my oldest brother Justin, oldest child. She is 12 and such a beautiful, delightful, sweet thing! We loved having her spend a few days with us.

She is so helpful, patient and easy to have around. My girls loved playing Barbies, My Little Pony, vet, school, dress up,  they rode bikes, watched movies and played outside with her. The girls camped out in our guest room and had a 48 hour slumber party. HA!

We love you Morgan and can't wait for you to come over again soon.

This the kind of fun stuff you get to do when your older cousin comes to visit!
Sadie loved having all of Morgan's attention.

Sweet cousins and friend...
Maggie, Morgan and Sadie!

Love to all,

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


This is the day which the LORD has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it!
Psalms 118:24

These little dolls make it so easy to be glad!!! Somedays, I still can't believe they are mine.
We all have so much to truly rejoice Him for! I hope that you are able to be glad in your day today, too.

Love & Blessings to all,