Saturday, April 28, 2012

Just about nothing cuter...

There is just about nothing cuter...than these sweet hot pink toes!!!
Well, maybe this darling little 1 & 3/4 year old face admiring her first polish....maybe thats cuter.

Okay...this face wins the cute contest, hands down!!! Oh how we love this little girl. Can't believe she will be 2 in just 2 months.

Love to all,


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter with the Hunt's...

Again...what Easter is ALL about!!! What a blessing to serve a RISEN, living Savior!
On Sunday of Easter we gathered with Todd's side of the family for dinner, fellowship and egg hunting. We ate super yummy foods, enjoyed catching up with each other and the kids made a super haul of Easter goodies!!!
The two youngest Hunt's...just 12 days apart...Claire and Sadie! SUCH cutie pies!

The oldest Hunt kiddos...Lincoln, Faith, Davis, Maggie and Lucy. Precious cousins and forever pals!!!

Some fun Spring time peep-cupcakes!

The best picture I could get of all of the cousins together!

Maggie Caroline...collecting all she could.

Lucy Lou having so much fun. Love her sweet grin!!!

Sadie had a blast and filled her bucket!

Precious, sweet her blankie in one hand and her goodies in the other. My kind of girl!

Whoa...Maggie was in heaven! She loves candy and had such a fun time!

Love to all and I pray you all had a blessed and sweet Easter,

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter in the country!!!

For Easter weekend we celebrated on Saturday with my side of the family. We went out to my parents house and had lunch, fellowship and hunted eggs. My girls adore their cousins and had a ball seeing them. It was a wonderful time together. I am so thankful for my family, and even more thankful that we get to see them often.
This is my precious nephew Joshua and my Mags. This picture has a story with it. Whenever we travel to areas where we know there is a significant risk for fire ants (Mags is highly allergic, most of you know this) we take along Mags "ant boots". They are a sassy pair of zebra and hot pink rain boots, that provide an awesome first line defense against those devilish little insects. So far, after nearly 2 years this technique has been a success. No ant bites since August 2009. She is stellar about remembering them for places like the country, the pumpkin patch, the baseball field...etc. But we were all so excited about Easter that we forgot them this day. So when we got to my parents and realized we forgot them, my nephew Joshua (7) heard us and said, "Maggie can have my boots and I will wear some my other pair of shoes". Maggie loved wearing her cousins boots and felt so big. What sweet initiative he showed to care for Maggie more than himself! His Mama and Daddy sure are doing a wonderful job training him up in the way he should go. Warms my heart so much. Love you sweet Josh-ie and thanks for looking out for your cuz!

During our time together we celebrated not only Easter, but also my families April birthdays. My neice Morgan turned 12 and my beautiful Grandma turned 88. Something to celebrate, indeed! Morgan had requested a German Chocolate cake for her birthday cake, yumm-o!

Sadie got some extra special loving from my darling cousin Karis. Aren't they both such beauties?

My big brother, Justin tried to make a run for it with my peach cobbler I brought! Good to know he approved of it. Ha!

Grandma opening her smile!

My Dad and his brother, my Uncle Robert.

Morgan opening her gifts. So fun to shop for a 12 year old!!!

The Flynt/Hunt crew, minus Macy and Jackson (these were OOT at the lake with my sis-in-laws side of the family). :( Wasn't the same with out them all there!
Morgan, Maggie, Joshua, Jerod and Sadie

Sadie Bug checking out her loot!

Mags loves the hide and seek part of hunting eggs! Love her sweet grin.

Most of the fam...watching on from the deck.

Joshua filling his basket.

Morgan helped Sadie find her share. What a blessing to have such sweet older cousins, for both my girls.

After the hunt, checking out their goodies!

What a handsome fella, Jerod Dillon!!! He is the spitting image of my brother at this age.

My Grandma Flynt and I! Love her SO!

Cutie pie!

My Aunt Janet and cousin nice to see them. We don't get together often enough.

My Mags and her Papa! I like LOVE this picture, so much. They both just look so happy. :)

Caught her with a mouth full!

Sweet sisters...and friends.

My precious Nana and Pawpaw with the girls. We were SO thankful that they could be there that day. My Nana had a health scare over that weekend and was admitted to the hospital for observation. In fact, that day she had just been discharged and came straight to the party. What a trooper!!! We love her so and pray for strength and health for them both for many more years.

And, this is what it is all about!!!!

A cross to remind us, that our Lord died on the cross to save us from our sins...but he ROSE again and is living! Praise be to God, alone.

Love to all,

P.S A Hunt celebration took place the next to come soon from that!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Birthday to Granny!

A few weeks back the Hunt family traveled to Arkansas to celebrate Todd's Granny's 80th birthday. His Granny is his mothers, mother. We had a fun time and got to see loads of family that we don't see often enough.
Here are all the older Hunt kiddos Faith, Davis, Lincoln, Lucy and Maggie, minus the two littlest Sadie and Claire.

Todd's wonderful parents Burnett & Raynell.

The 5 original Hunt siblings...Hannah (#5), Nathan (#4), Todd (#3), Clay (#2) and Craig (#1).

Beautiful sis-in-laws...Hannah, Jenny & Mandy.

All of Granny's great-grandkids....quite a crew!

And one with Granny, too.

All of Granny's party-goers!

Granny and her kiddos, Jeff, Raynell and Kay.

Aunt Hannah got some good Sadie loving over the weekend. Sadie would hardly let her put her down. I love that she loves her so...I think they look alike too.

Happy Birthday, Granny!