Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Life pictures!

Hello all! Long time, no see!

I guess life has just been busy. Can't imagine why, right? With a 3.5 year old on steroids and an a 6 month old...I have tons of extra time....NOT! Not complaining, though. Just sad I have slacked so much on my blogging. I promise to do better!

Seeing as how it has been two months and two major holidays since my last post...I am going to cut a few corners and just do a..."Life lately" post and catch up a little in pictures!

Love to all and thanks for keeping up with our little life!

Thanksgiving 2010
Sadie Rose, 5 months old, always so smiley!

Maggie Caroline...still loves to paint. I swear we do it almost every single day! Wonder if she will paint when she is older, too?
Sadie loves her tubby time...its her most favorite time of the day!
Sweet sisters...
Maggie Caroline...this is one of my all time favorite pics of her. I LOVE her sweet smile, red piggy tails, and her innocent tilt of the head!
Sadie Rose and one last "gummy smile" picture...she is working on getting her first tooth! Sniffle, sniffle...can't they just stay little forever?
More tubby time...together! We are just doing our part to conserve water...ha!?!
Sisters forever...
Christmas pj's...Christmas Eve!
Maggie and her pink tree...

Christmas morning together...

My blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!