Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dancing queen...

Well, we officially have a "dancing queen" in our house. Mag's is enrolled in her first little ballet/tap class once a week. She loves to dance, love to read about Angelina Ballerina and loves to make noise (she can make those taps shoes tap, ha) we thought this little class would be perfect.

She takes it at our local community center, once a week for 45 minutes. It is a small class of just 8 girls ranging from 3-5 in age. She gets to be around other little girls, learn to move gracefully, follow instructions...and it is a great way for her to exert some of that "steroid induced" energy (yes, we are still on them), too. We were so blessed to find this affordable little class (just $28 for 8 weeks).

I was only able to snap one photo before Miss Mindy, Mag's teacher kindly reminded me there was no photography during class (at least until the last day of class). Something about being a distraction and all...ha! So true! one action shot is all you got. You will have to tune back in in about 6 weeks for more dancing queen shots!

Love to all,

First day of hard to smile and concentrate at the same time!

All PINKED out...nothing cuter than a little ballerina!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Big & Lil Hoot's!!!

Our Big and Lil' Hoot's!!! Hoot-owl's that is...ha!

Couldn't get them to pose and show their shirts both at the same time. But, Sadie's says "Lil Hoot" and Mag's says "Big Hoot". So cute, right!

Thank you Aunt Jenny for these darling little matching outfits! We love tutu's and we love zebra print....a few of our favorite things!

Sadie Rose (6 months) & Maggie Caroline (3.5 years)...

Love to all,

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sadie Rose---6 months old!

On December 29th, our sweet Sadie Rose turned six months old...a half of a year! How can this be??? These last 6 months have just zoomed by.

We are so blessed that Sadie is our daughter. She is truly such a delightful little thing. She hardly ever cries, smiles and talks all the time, goes with the flow and is such a sweet girl. She is super into playtime these days. She loves her "exersaucer" and "johnny jump up". She is especially into bouncing/jumping too. She can make her exersaucer almost come off the ground she gets to jumping so much. It cracks us up. She gets so proud of herself and smiles so big while she is jumping. She is grasping anything in sight, laughing out loud, baby talking (lots of screams and squeals) and smiles the biggest for Maggie and when she sees our cats (Great...another cat lover in the house...I am seriously out numbered as a dog lover)!

We had many first this month, too. She experienced her first major holidays Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years...she had her first tastes of cereal, oatmeal and veggies...and she drank from a sippy cup of water also. She can now roll from back to front and from front to back easily.

I have to admit the last 6 months of a childs first year go by so quickly in my mind. It seems like from here to the first birthday they are accomplishing so much. Sitting, standing, crawling, cruising, walking, talking...whew. I don't know if I am ready.

Some Sadie stats:
Wt: We go for her 6 month pedi appt. in a week, so no official wt/length...but best I can tell on our home scale...she is 17.5 lbs.
Size: Some 6, 9 and 12 month clothes...varies with brand. Size 3 diapers.
Play/sleep: She loves to play in the floor on her tummy with toys around her, in her exersaucer and johnny jump up, she is sitting inside her boppy pillow unassisted, loves music, rattles and seeing herself in the mirror. We are not using the bumbo chair or the swing much anymore. She is a good sleeper, still. She takes 2 to 3 naps a day...ranging from 1-2.5 hours. She sleeps only about 8-9 hours at night (usually from 8:30-5:30 or 6...then nurses and goes back down until 8 or 9).
Eating: She still nurses every 3-4 hours...5ish times a day, she had her first solids recently, too. First cereal on 11/26, first oatmeal 12/27, first veggie (peas) 12/30, drank from a sippy cup of water 01/02. Right now we are just doing solids at night time for dinner and then just nurses the rest of the time during the day. We are going to start adding a solid food meal in the morning next week. Sadie's first little 2 teeth are working their way in.
More firsts: 11/26 rolled from back to front, 12/5 first time in the johnny jump up, 12/27 sat unassisted in a boppy, first over night sleeping somewhere besides home 12/18 at my parents home for Christmas, 12/30 first sight of first tooth...1/5 first sight of second tooth!

We love our Sadie-bug...enjoy some pics from her 5th and 6th month.

Love to all,

Exersauc-ing is hard work...ha! She fell totally asleep while I had gone out of the room to switch over some laundry...but look, she never let go of her toy!
First cereal...yum yum! She did well and seemed to like it.
Aren't her hazel/grayish eyes so beautiful???
Sweet profile and gummy grin!
Sadie Rose--6 months

Sisters and best friends!!! At least I hope they will be...:)!