Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just some toddler FUN!!!!

Oh, the days of a toddler...

Okay, so seriously...who knew straws could be soooo much FUN!
Isn't it the small things in life?
What a little ham!

All dressed up for church on Sunday! What a cutie-pie!
Riding her cool "hand me down" spider man four wheeler with her new Easter duck! Thanks cousins Morgan, Jerod and Joshua for the cool ride! She is having so much fun on it.
We have been outside so much the last few days....we officially LOVE springtime! Does she not sport the cutest piggie tails ever. I am positive that head was made for piggie tails!
Just had to share...hope it made you laugh out loud!

Get Well Soon Grandma!!!!

Get well soon Grandma!

My precious grandmother, Juanita (my dad's mother) has been in the hospital this past weekend with high blood pressure and congestive heart failure. Amazingly, this was her first hospitalization since 1948, which was when she gave birth to my dad. What a lady, right, to stay so healthy for so many years! I only pray that it is in my genes to be soooo healthy!

She was discharged from the hospital late on Monday night. She has been home with my parents in Decatur for a few days, for some extra TLC and watch care. She is such a blessing to our family, and we are so happy that she is on the mend and gaining her strength back daily. She received excellent care at Harris Methodist Heart Center, and will be receiving home health care once she returns home to her retirement villa. These are a few pictures of Maggie and her, and Maggie and my mom from Monday when we visited.

Isn't she beautiful for nearly 85!

My grandma reads my blog...so I want to send her a special message! I love you so much Grandma, and am praising God that your health has improved so quickly. We are always here for you if you need us! You are so precious to me and to all of our family! Hang in there!
Maggie hanging out with Grandma on her hospital bed! Two cuties, for sure!
Sitting in the window at Grandma's hospital room. Have you ever seen grass, that green before?
Sitting with Grandma...Gigi and Maggie...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

These boots were made for walkin'...

Okay, not exactly...in fact she couldn't even take one step in them...but she sure tried! She was pretty excited to put on Daddy's big boops (aka boots) last night. She is such a little ham sometimes! We hope these silly pictures bring a smile to your face!

Praise God for Spring...it is almost here. First day is March 20th!

Love to All,

Almost able to take one step...

What a little ham...

Please excuse the "white trash" saggy diaper and no pants...she was about to get in the tubby!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Let the gate be opened...

The baby gate for our stairs...that is!

We have recently reached a new milestone at the Hunt household. Our sweet Maggie has learned to go up and down our stairs, all by herself! She has had the going up them, down for several months now...however getting down them was another story. We have had a baby gate on them since we moved into our house, back in September. I was so nervous about her falling down them. We are needing the gate NO more. In fact, the stairs have become her most favorite toy in the house! She goes up and down them, until she is out of breath and exhausted.

Speaking of breath...we are so thankful Maggie is breathing easier today. She has been sick with a bad case of bronchitis since Monday. She sounded so bad, and had us very worried for a few days. Her cough was so sad, had fever for 3 days, she had wheezes and so much phlem she threw up several times. She has seen the pediatrician twice this week for antibiotics and a breathing treatment. We are very thankful, that she seems to be on the mend.

I love this scripture... "And when Jesus went out He saw a great multitude; and He was moved with compassion for them, and healed their sick." Matthew 14:14. Thank you Lord for healing our sweet girl!

Maggie playing on the stairs, the baby gate open wide...check out all her toys she drug on the stairs. She was camped out there for a while.

Okay...so I know I have blogged before about my beautiful girls CrAzY hair in the morning, but this morning---was the wildest of all! Check it out. I swear this is fresh from the crib--no teasing or combing---she did that all by herself. I love the look on her face...she is like "what momma, get me my juice, already"! Too funny, huh!
A view of the back of that crazy mop...what about that single crazy curl right on her crown?
Just a cute pic from last weekend, at my sister in law's surprise 30th birthday party (the more tamed down version of that mop).

We hope everyone has a terrific weekend! I know it has been raining for days...and the blahh, cold wet weather can be kind of a drag...but I found this scripture and felt refreshed...I hope you do too! "The Lord God, sent an abundant rain, to refresh the weary Promised Land" Psalms 68:9.
Love to All!

Friday, March 6, 2009

First pink-sponge curlers...first of many!

We had a milestone event at our home...Maggie's first pink sponge curlers! Monumental, huh? I grew up with these, as a permanent fixture to my head...and couldn't wait to get them in Maggies hair. She was really patient and proud to show them to her daddy. Just another fun part of having a girl!

We love our little girl!

Pretty excited, don't you think?
Okay, okay....like mommy, like daughter!

Taos, New Mexico...good times!

Thank you God, for vacations! We arrived home yesterday, from 5 days in Taos, NM. We had a fantastic trip. The weather was perfect. Most days it was sunny and in the 40's even on the slopes. We did not get any fresh snow, but the mountain was groomed and still had great conditions to ski on. I am so thankful to report no injuries, either.

Todd was the beginner skier...but you would never know it. He did awesome. He took 1.5 days of lessons and caught on like a pro! I was really impressed at how great he did. He is hooked on skiing now! He told me on the way home, that he thinks he likes this kind of vacation to the mountains for skiing...better than a beach vacation! Can you believe that? I said how about, both!!!!!

We got to ski 3 full days, and were absolutely spent by the third. We skiied until we could ski NO MORE! We enjoyed every night in the hot tub, played dominos, watched 2 movies, ate very well (my mom's home cooking...yummo) and enjoyed great fellowship and laughs with my parents. We are so blessed as a family!

Below are some pics from our trip! Take care, love to all~!

Our mountain New Mexican adobe...

My dad, Richard in the kitchen checking it out...

Todd and I's bedroom...

My parents room...

The living room...
My parents, Richard and Ginger, enjoying the peace and quiet...

Our first sunset in NM...breathtaking, huh!

Todd and I ready to go...day one.

Taking a lunch break, outside on the deck at the bottom of the mountain.
My parents, Richard and Ginger, the pros...they have been skiing for 30 years.

Todd and I, Todd's first time down the BIG slopes.

Todd---spent after that first BIG slope!

Todd, rested and ready for more!

Check out Todd---even paralleling those skiis....you go BOY!

Mom and I on the lift.

Celebrating at the bottom of a run! I love to SKI!!!!!

Here we come...Todd and Leah!


The group...Richard, Ginger, Leah and Todd. Kuchina Peak in the back ground.
Kissy face....my fave!