Sunday, February 26, 2012

Swimming in February!

Yes, that's right! We went swimming in February...and it was so much fun! If you know me or my know we LOVE the water and swimming. We are fish, and would be at the pool everyday if possible. This past Tuesday, we got to dive in (pun intended, ha) and enjoy one of our Summertime favorites in the middle of Winter.

My girls and I, and my bestie and her 3 precious boys went to our towns awesome indoor/heated pool. We had a great time. The kids swam for nearly 2 hours straight, and were so tired afterwards. We enjoyed a $5 pizza for dinner, poolside and made a super fun memory.

Maggie is so fun to watch in the water. She is just a little natural. She has never had one swimming lesson and she can seriously hold her breath, forever! She is all over the pool, diving down, doing flips under water and absolutely loved the lazy river feature to the pool. This was Sadie's first time to swim in her "puddle jumper" (her life jacket like device that fits around her arms and chest). We used it with Mags and really think it helped her to learn the feeling of swimming as well as the technique, just by being in the water. I put Sadie in and she stretched out her arms and legs and started a natural too. She would go from front to back and dip her head under. So cute!!! Love my little mermaids!

So thankful to have such fun things to do like this in the middle of Winter. I think we may make it a Winter-ey tradition from now on.

My Sarah has an awesome water proof, digital camera that took these FUN wet pictures! I think we may be investing in one of these cameras very soon. Neat, huh?!?
Maggie Caroline 4.5 years...loving her winter pool date!

Sadie's first solo swim in her "puddle jumper", 19 months.

All smiles and screams!!!

Me and my precious mermaids!!!
Cutie patooties ready to GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait for summer time!

Love to all,

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day, 2012!

Happy Valentines Day, from our hearts to yours!!!

May you feel loved and show love on this special day!

Love to all,